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The Lovely Marianne

Erin Holohan Haskell
Erin Holohan Haskell Member, Moderator, Administrator Posts: 2,284
edited September 2022 in THE MAIN WALL
My mom and @DanHolohan's soulmate, The Lovely Marianne, passed away this week from complications of pneumonia. She was an amazing woman and we miss her dearly. Here is a tribute that I wrote for her: https://www.nhpfh.com/post/marianne-holohan


  • JakeCK
    JakeCK Member Posts: 1,356
    edited August 2022
    I'm so sorry.
  • neilc
    neilc Member Posts: 2,703
    condolences Dan, Erin, daughters, family and friends
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  • Robert O'Brien
    Robert O'Brien Member Posts: 3,541
    There are no words, my deepest sympathy to you and your family in this time.
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  • Jamie Hall
    Jamie Hall Member Posts: 23,280
    Oh dear. I wish I had had a chance to meet her and know her. I will be praying for her -- and all of you.
    Br. Jamie, osb
    Building superintendent/caretaker, 7200 sq. ft. historic house museum with dependencies in New England
  • Paul Pollets
    Paul Pollets Member Posts: 3,656
    edited August 2022
    Awww. this is so sad. My sincere condolences to Dan and his family. She was the rock that kept it all steady.
  • Sal Santamaura
    Sal Santamaura Member Posts: 529
    After a quarter century of "knowing" your family via The Wall, this feels like a personal loss. My sincerest condolences to Dan, Colleen, Erin, Kelly and Meghan. Stay strong, and make sure those six little ones don't let the house in Levittown stay quiet for long stretches. Grandpa will greatly benefit from their company.
  • pecmsg
    pecmsg Member Posts: 4,845
    My sincere condolences for your loss. 

    RIP Marianne
  • Labenaqui
    Labenaqui Member Posts: 72
    Our Rosaries follow her across the waters ..... Requiescat In Pace.
  • leonz
    leonz Member Posts: 1,127
    Hello Erin and Dan,

    Erin, I am so sorry to learn of your mothers passing.
  • EdTheHeaterMan
    EdTheHeaterMan Member Posts: 7,833
    My sincere condolences to Dan, Kelly, Meghan, Colleen, and Erin and prayers for the lovely Maryanne on her journey to heaven.

    And have a great celebration of a truly precious life with your family and friends this week.
    Edward F Young. Retired HVAC ContractorSpecialized in Residential Oil Burner and Hydronics
  • Tim McElwain
    Tim McElwain Member Posts: 4,621
    My condolences to the Holohan family she will be greatly missed. I will always remember her when I first got involved with Heating Help. She cam up to me ask my name and welcomed me to the first Dead Head meeting I attended. She always made everyone feel at home. She will be greatly missed. May the Holy Spirit of God comfort all of her family at this time.
  • Steve Ebels_3
    Steve Ebels_3 Member Posts: 1,291
    This feels like someone in my extended family has passed 😥
    sympathies and prayers for comfort going out to Dan and all the family. 
  • RayWohlfarth
    RayWohlfarth Member Posts: 1,481
    Erin, I loved what you wrote and it described her to a T. She had the most infectious laugh and a great sense of humor. She had another gift I really liked, she would make you feel like you were the most important person in the world when she spoke with you. My prayers and condolences to you and your family during this time
    Ray Wohlfarth
    Boiler Lessons
    Alan R. Mercurio_3
  • Alan (California Radiant) Forbes
    I hardly ever saw her, but I knew she was always there as her presence was felt. I will miss her.
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  • Larry Weingarten
    Larry Weingarten Member Posts: 3,291
    Dan, Erin and your family, There are lots of people here who care deeply about you and feel the loss. We're here for you in absolutely any and every way we can be. <3

    Yours, Larry
  • Paul Fredricks_2
    Paul Fredricks_2 Member Posts: 35
    So sad to hear about your mom, but also know that there are so many happy memories to keep you smiling. I always looked forward to seeing her at the trade events. She and your dad had such a special relationship. Reminds me of my own marriage. Please send my thoughts along to your dad.
  • Dan Foley
    Dan Foley Member Posts: 1,258
    Erin, we are very sorry for your loss.  Marianne will be missed.  Whenever I saw her she always greeted me with a smile and a big hug.  Prayers and love to you and your family.  Dan & Tracy
    EBEBRATT-Ed Member Posts: 15,519
    My heart breaks. So sorry for your loss Dan, Erin, Kelly, Mehgan & family. You are all in my prayers' Too young to pass away.
  • hot_rod
    hot_rod Member Posts: 22,131
    So sorry to hear this news. Your mom had a great smile, sense of humor and was always engaging and fun to spend time with.
    Godspeed Lovely Marianne
    Bob "hot rod" Rohr
    trainer for Caleffi NA
    Living the hydronic dream
  • ratio
    ratio Member Posts: 3,625
    My condolences
  • rick in Alaska
    rick in Alaska Member Posts: 1,457
    I never met her but I know how much she will be missed. My deepest sympathies to the family.
  • 109A_5
    109A_5 Member Posts: 1,385
    So Sad, My condolences
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  • Illinoisfarmer
    Illinoisfarmer Member Posts: 52
    So sorry. Beautiful tribute.
  • Steamhead
    Steamhead Member Posts: 16,832
    edited August 2022
    Sorry to hear.

    Arrangements are at the link @Erin Holohan Haskell posted above.
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  • Tinman
    Tinman Member Posts: 2,808
    Since I talked to your dad other day, your mom has been all that I can think of along with you, your sisters, and your dad. I’ve never had the pleasure of meeting your mom but it sure sounds like “the Lovely Marianne” was the perfect moniker. I am broken hearted for your loss. 
    Steve Minnich
  • Tim_D
    Tim_D Member Posts: 128
    It's often said that behind every great man there is a great woman. In this case it should read "alongside a great man there was a great woman". Dan and Marianne were an amazing team and a wonderful couple. My condolences to the Holohan family.
  • Wayne M. Lawrence
    Wayne M. Lawrence Member Posts: 19
    Erin, My deepest sympathies and condolences to you, your Father, and family. Your mother and mine share the same birthday. One of my fondest memories was when I had brought my mother along with me to attend the OESP convention to meet my industry family several years ago. The convention seems to always be held on their birthday week. That year was very special as we got to catch up with you, Dan and Marianne. I'm so sorry......
    Wayne M. Lawrence
  • jerryb46
    jerryb46 Member Posts: 59
    My prayers to the whole family, Stray strong.
  • STEVEusaPA
    STEVEusaPA Member Posts: 6,506
    Erin, Dan, and the entire Holohan family, I’m very sorry for your loss.
  • R Mannino
    R Mannino Member Posts: 440
    My condolences to the Holohan Family during this difficult time.
  • Pumpguy
    Pumpguy Member Posts: 655
    I can't imagine what you're all going through.

    My deepest condolences.
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  • PC7060
    PC7060 Member Posts: 1,159
    edited August 2022
    I’m so sorry to hear of your families loss.   Your write up of your mother was lovely, I would have loved to have met her. 
  • kcopp
    kcopp Member Posts: 4,432
    Oh gosh. I am so very very sorry.
  • realliveplumber
    realliveplumber Member Posts: 354
    Terribly sorry. My deepest sympathies.
  • clammy
    clammy Member Posts: 3,111
    I ,m Extremely sorry to hear of your lose and my condolences to the whole Holohan family . I know that she will surely be missed by all who knew her personally and by a even large audience who all have known as TLM and as Dans better half . Truly sadden by your lose Peace and good luck clammy
    R.A. Calmbacher L.L.C. HVAC
    NJ Master HVAC Lic.
    Mahwah, NJ
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  • mattmia2
    mattmia2 Member Posts: 9,637
    When I read this I thought "gosh" they way I say it in my head when Dan posts it as a one word comment. I'm sorry for your loss Dan and Erin and the rest of your family. We all got to know The Lovely Marianne through Dan's writing.
  • Jersey2
    Jersey2 Member Posts: 166
    edited August 2022
    I hope everyone is doing okay. Reading your tribute, she seemed a lot like my mom.
    I'm not a plumber or hvac man and my thoughts in comments are purely for conversation.
  • Hilly
    Hilly Member Posts: 427
    @Erin Holohan Haskell it hurts my heart to login today and read this announcement.
    Like clockwork - when I open heatinghelp.com or deadmanstales my mind briefly wanders to a message telling me of the heartbreaking news of TLM being ill years ago (gosh 5-6 years maybe). Every time, though I would roll that thought into hope and happiness. I would think of how wonderful it is that another day, month or year has somehow passed us by and you still had her with you. My thoughts are with you @DanHolohan, your sisters and all the family today. <3
  • EzzyT
    EzzyT Member Posts: 1,295
    My condolences to the entire Holohan family.
    E-Travis Mechanical LLC
  • Erin Holohan Haskell
    Erin Holohan Haskell Member, Moderator, Administrator Posts: 2,284
    Thank you all. Your notes and support are bringing us comfort during this difficult time.
    Robert O'Brien