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Tim McElwain


Tim McElwain
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  • Dunivan
    You can try the "Shadow Volume Copies" method to hopefully recover you files by doing either of the following. The first way is to "right click" on the files or folders you need to restore and open "properties" to view the "previous versions" list. The second way is to use a program called "Shadow Explorer" in order to browse the snapshots. You may have already tried using "Shadow Volume Copies" to no avail. I know that some people have successfully used this method to recover their hijacked and encrypted files. But, as you know, the criminals who implement these types of malware become more sophisticated over time. I pray you find a solution. Let me know and best to you.
    December 2017
  • Dunivan
    Dear Mr. McElwain, I am sorry to read your question and comments regarding your encrypted files. You likely could have done anything, such as continuous backups or using anti-virus protection, to prevent your situation despite other's comments. As you correctly stated, the encrypting malware is very sophisticated. Obviously, running a good antivirus program, setting your system up to do frequent automatic backups, and maintaining a backup system for these types of situation will greatly reduce these types of malware attacks and/or give you another means of accessing your files after these situations occur, but none can prevent a sophisticated attack. I would suspect the malware was embedded in an email you opened. Because you don't have a backup system in place, try to recover your files from "Shadow volume copies," which is part of Window's System Restore Feauture. This might work unless the malware deleted the files, which is one of the reasons to never pay criminals are ransom.
    December 2017


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