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Jamie Hall


Jamie Hall
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  • chall2627
    Thanks Jamie! The old and new tanks are Extrol EX-30. The instructions don't really say, but the vague drawing it looks like a diaphragm, not bladder? The Thrush valve (Model 114-1, basically a check valve to prevent loop drainage back to the boiler is on the outlet of the boiler tank, going out to the convectors. My understanding of that valve is that the port for the tank is a passage to the boiler side of the stop check valve. My 2 pumps are actually on the boiler inlet manifold, they pump directly into the tank, each pump has an internal check valve (I think, the 2nd floor pump is a model 007, like the new one, but i have never had it out). With all this feedback from you folks, I am starting tho think this system is all messed up...... :(
    October 21
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    October 8
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    October 8
  • Snowmelt
    Hey can I ask you a steam header question.?
    September 23


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