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More sunshine, fewer clouds

Wellness Member Posts: 126
So some experts are cautioning that the HVAC industry needs to brace for so-called "smart" electrical panels from manufacturers like Schneider Electric and start ups like Lumin and Span because of growing consumer demand for solar panels and EVs. So now, with all the problems we've had recently with ransomeware, our electric and HVAC usage and control is also going to be hooked to the Internet too and vulnerable to ransomeware not to mention the home usage data being potentionally monitored and shared with all kinds of marketers? Sheesh.


    EBEBRATT-Ed Member Posts: 11,998
    edited June 2021
    No doubt that's the trend.

    If their smart they will wire it so by flipping a switch it can be bypassed.................but they won't

    We need to go back to a coal shovel and a pile of coal, no internet control
  • mattmia2
    mattmia2 Member Posts: 5,522
    so the widespread hacking of smart meters that i thought would happen has not
  • ratio
    ratio Member Posts: 3,177
    mattmia2 said:

    so the widespread hacking of smart meters that i thought would happen has not, that we are aware of yet.

  • Jamie Hall
    Jamie Hall Member Posts: 18,935
    mattmia2 said:

    so the widespread hacking of smart meters that i thought would happen has not


    But are you so sure that it's hacking that will be the problem? I can see coming when electrical supplies are inadequate for the demand with everything electrified that folks will be monitored for power usage. Gently urged to reduce -- at first. And if you persist in your misguided wastage of precious wind and sunshine you will be switched off. Not long after that the inspectors will be coming around to make sure that your water and your heat and your power are all in accordance with the currently scientifically determined best interest of the community.
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  • Wellness
    Wellness Member Posts: 126
    Well I don't mind power company monitoring; they are regulated and they presumably will be around or smoothly transfer operations to another providers. And I guess that's somewhat true of established suppliers like Schneider Electric. But what happens to all those fancy phone app controlled electrical panel circuits when the panel supplier or phone app maker goes belly up or has their webservers hacked? I wish industry would understand that everything does not have to be connected to the Internet.
  • pecmsg
    pecmsg Member Posts: 2,894
    President Biden when he became Vice President had a pace maker. That was removed and an external pace maker was in it place. 
    All government computers are wired. No wireless keyboards, mouse, anything. 
    Anything WiFi can be hacked!
  • SlamDunk
    SlamDunk Member Posts: 1,287
    I spent 3-400 dollars on a wireless unmonitored home alarm system. One day I woke up with a message on my phone telling me they are chapter 7 as of now and I could transfer my account to a company in China. No Thanks.