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Early 1900's Radiator Questions

CKNJCKNJ Member Posts: 36
I have a 1909 foursquare, one pipe system. I have to replace one of two radiators in the living room as one of them was replaced at some time with a smaller radiator not providing enough heat for the room. The existing radiator that is staying is an ARCO Roccoco model with a single "pipe" only across the bottom and the vent tapping is about 2/3 of the way up the side. Now, the one I sourced is a Roccoco that was also used in a steam system, but, it has a "pipe" across both the top and bottom of the radiator so slightly different. The vent location is about 1/3 of the from the floor. At first I thought I screwed up and it was for hot water, but the tapping at the top has never been drilled whereas the lower one was. I did some research and found that the one I sourced was pretty much made for both hot water and steam after 1905 (thank you heating help articles).

Now my question. Is there anything I should be aware of with this different design or will it work just the same as the single pipe radiators I have? I seems to me the new one will heat faster due to the pipes being across both top and bottom.


  • FredFred Member Posts: 7,846
    edited June 6
    That radiator will work fine on a one pipe system. The speed at which it heats will depend largely on the vent you put on it. It sounds like it is one that can be used for either hot water or steam. Just be sure the supply pipe is large enough to supply the radiator EDR. You will also need to replace the current valve and spud in the radiator as they are a matched set and trying to use the current valve with the spud that is in the radiator will likely leak.
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