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Spray foam in radiator niche

Nelson_4 Member Posts: 38
Hello, we had a bathroom renovation and the contractor sprayed foam in the radiator. They also lost the cover.
Is this OK or should I have them remove the spray foam? They only sprayed inside the niche or void at the bottom.
We have a hot water system.


  • hot_rod
    hot_rod Member Posts: 21,858
    Dig as much foam out as you can, then use a solvent to get the rest cleaned off.

    WD40 works, acetone, alcohol, or lacquer thinner also.
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  • KC_Jones
    KC_Jones Member Posts: 5,699
    1. All the foam has to go
    2. That tile work is horrible
    3. Are the tile cuts around the radiator their plan for finish? If so it’s garbage.
    4. If they lost the cover it’s their responsibility to replace it with something correct or have something custom made.
    5. Make sure they understand that radiator needs to remain removable without being destructive. If there is ever a problem with it, removal may be a necessity.
    6. Never use whoever is doing the work ever again. In all seriousness I’d probably have difficulty letting them continue at this point. The stuff they are getting wrong isn’t hard, so it makes me wonder what else they are screwing up, ya know, the hard stuff.
    7. Do not make final payment until everything is perfect to your standards.
    8. Yes I’m blunt, but I’m tired of seeing pics of contractors being paid to suck.
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  • Nelson_4
    Nelson_4 Member Posts: 38
    Thanks all! Consensus is that the foam needs to be removed. I let him know. He said it was a sub-contractor...
    I also complained about the tile and he said that is not finished...I will make the final payment until everything is fixed.
    Found a replacement part from AF Supply in NJ, hopefully it will fit!
  • EddyV
    EddyV Member Posts: 1
    edited November 2023
    Yeah, that insulation should definitely come out. 
    It will still work to some degree, because it radiates heat, as does a tube radiator. The beauty of this baby is that it is also a convector. We’ll, it was before the insulation was sprayed in there. No air flow, no convection. If they only sprayed the insulation UNDER the rad, you can remove it and it’ll be fine. It they sprayed in the passes behind the rad, they’ll be no convection. Also, if it measures 20” high x 5” deep, the grilles, pins and clips are still available. This is a 10 section rad.
  • Grallert
    Grallert Member Posts: 637
    Even if the contractor didn't know how those work, which isn't unusual they should have the sense to know that that looks like hell. Really!!
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  • Chris_51
    Chris_51 Member Posts: 60
    This is brutal. As a (former) homeowner, I though the "other job" these guys would go to was super nice. They were there so often. I was typically criticized for asking too many questions. This is what you get if you don't. I just sold my 95 year old house with hot water heat. No more of this stuff. I'll get leaks from above on a condo now. LOL.

    I feel your pain.
  • MarjPinard
    MarjPinard Member Posts: 10
    WHAT in the world was being sub-contracted???? ?? This really makes me think that any work I have done will include a "no subcontractors" clause. Could you please post pictures of 'work completed'? So curious about the tile grouting, mess, , how rad is accessed, wth prompted anyone to put in that foam with all the overspray.... wow.