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Runtal radiators

PaulWojnickiPaulWojnicki Member Posts: 16
Anybody ever have a clogged in a Runtal Radiator. The clog is near the radiator itself. Pipes flushed perfectly with little black stuff not much. This is a horizontal baseboard, 7ft long, 8" tall, (3) 2inch bars.
These are in kitchen, rest of radiators are tall cast iron. 


  • ZmanZman Member Posts: 6,002
    It would be tough to clog the radiator. Does it have a TRV? Is it air
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  • PaulWojnickiPaulWojnicki Member Posts: 16
    Working on it as we speak. Runtal radiators are made out of thick sheet metal. The 2" bars are thin maybe 1/4 thick inside dimension, at the ends of the radiators are about 1" square tubing, they cap one end the other has the pipe thread. The bars are attach to the square tubes and each bar has 2 small tubes maybe 1/2" ,very short to flow water into the bars. So far I can't get 45 psi thru the radiator from either direction. I now have it in the yard and will tackle it with my trusty coat hanger and compressed air. 
  • hot_rodhot_rod Member Posts: 13,838
    Is there a valve at either connection.?Sometimes there is a service valve on one end, and a thermostatic valve on the other, make sure they are open.
    IF you have enough sludge to plug a radiator like that, you need a good power purge, and add a magnetic DirtMag.
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