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E1 Error on Duct-less Mini (Napoleon NLIS18)

I had great success with some help over in the Oil burner section and I'm forever grateful, I've just recently gotten the E1 error on my ductless mini. It was intermittent for about a year and then finally just fell hard on the E1 code.

Strange that it was intermittent for so long but when it eventually succumb I did all the basic checks, Check wire continuity from indoor unit to outdoor unit. All good.

Reset with the breaker off for an entire day. no go

I opened up the access panel and I can see one of the boards, I get a green and a red light.

If I pull the breaker, let it sit for awhile and then plug it back in, I can hear a click inside the unit, I get the sold red and green but no life on the outdoor unit.

I've tried forcing it into cooling mode but I only get the fan on the inside unit, then eventually it'll go to E1, assuming when it tries to activate the compressor.

Any thoughts? It's about 6 years old at this point and been a great unit!


  • Big Ed_4
    Big Ed_4 Member Posts: 2,524
    Did you look it up E1 error code ? What is it ?
    I have enough experience to know , that I dont know it all
  • ratio
    ratio Member Posts: 3,544
    Google the model number & error code. Sometimes, only the first few digits are important.
  • Badwithfurnace
    Badwithfurnace Member Posts: 13
    edited May 2020
    Thanks guys!

    I've done all the basic stuff, which I mentioned above. All sourced from google and a call to Napoleon.

    E1 can be communication error between the indoor and outdoor units, which is why I checked wire continuity. E1 error code covers a wide gamut of problems. From low gas to PCB problems.

    Hoping someone with some experience might be able to point me to the most commonly found problem when it comes to the E1 code so I can troubleshoot that area. HVAC techs are about 2 months behind and we're already at 30+c without humidex!

    The only thing I wont be able to do is "recharge" the unit if the gas is low. Anything else I can handle, PCB swap, no problem, wire soldering, solenoid check. Napoleon wont give me any more info since I'm not a licensed tech.
  • pecmsg
    pecmsg Member Posts: 4,385
    Run a temp control cable and see if the code goes away.
  • Badwithfurnace
    Badwithfurnace Member Posts: 13
    edited May 2020
    I'll give it a shot but you'd think the continuity test would have shown resistance in the wire.
  • Badwithfurnace
    Badwithfurnace Member Posts: 13
    3 months later trying to find the issue, even though my unit was slightly out of warranty Napoleon sent me an entirely new unit. Indoor and outdoor. Highly recommend this company. Their service was great and the local dealer they use was also great. Was never able to pin point down the exact problem so if anyone else see's this thread and has the same issue I apologize that I'm one of those guys that makes a thread and doesn't follow up with an answer. But at least I followed up!

    Things that were tried:
    Everything as mentioned above plus checked refrigerant levels, also bypassed limit board (shuts the unit down if the ambient temp is out of spec) yet the E1 code kept coming back.

    Give Napoleon a call, they will do their absolute best to help you.
  • sheolujia
    sheolujia Member Posts: 1
    I checked wire continuity. E1 error code covers a wide gamut of problems. From low gas to PCB problems.