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Toddler burned by "Boiler Pipe"

kevink1955 Member Posts: 88
NY Channel 7 news running a story tonight about a toddler burned by what looks like a steam riser that is seen in most NYC apartments. It's kind of like saying the stove is hot, no common sense among parents any more. It's a shame to see a child get hurt but what do you want them to do, do they know the radiators get hot also. Next it will be they have to get rid of that nasty Steam.


    EBEBRATT-Ed Member Posts: 15,622
    They will pas some politically correct law stating "no exposed steam pipes or radiators unless insulated". We will see how that works out
  • KC_Jones
    KC_Jones Member Posts: 5,742
    I have steam, I have 3 children that were all born and live with steam. I bet my own life there are extenuating circumstances here.

    You don’t just touch it and get burned, you have to touch and hold on for a period of time ignoring the pain, then you will get burned. Or the child has some kind of neurological disorder in which case I would still point at the parents and not the steam pipe.
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  • kevink1955
    kevink1955 Member Posts: 88
    The extenuating circumstances will be laid out in Court when the parents sue the housing authority for their stupidity , Sad thing is they will probably win and the authority will be forced to find an alternative heat source. By the look of the pipe and the number of coats of paint on it, it's original to the building.
  • Gordy
    Gordy Member Posts: 9,546
    Where were the “toddlers” parents......SMDH.

    Toddlers do have much more sensitive skin.

  • Solid_Fuel_Man
    Solid_Fuel_Man Member Posts: 2,646
    Yes, I vote to insulate those pesky hot radiators too! They are right on the floor with the kiddos! What were those dead men thinking?
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  • kevink1955
    kevink1955 Member Posts: 88
    SlamDunk said:


    If the NYCHA was the landlord, the pipe probably never got hot before.

    Good point and if true there are going to be a lot more cases like this coming soon since Mayor Dibullzeo is promising new boilers for all of NYCHA land. How did the city get into the housing business anyway ??
    JUGHNE Member Posts: 11,075
    We see a lot of new boiler installations here on the wall.
    Most of the time we see them here is because the pipes don't get hot anymore.

    So who is going to oversee the install for all of NYCHA?
    If they do not hire Dan back (as in the 70's) for this project, I can see a lot of issues that won't be posted here because there is a government agency involved and they will most likely not ask what's wrong because they never are.
  • GBart
    GBart Member Posts: 746

    They will pas some politically correct law stating "no exposed steam pipes or radiators unless insulated". We will see how that works out

    you might want to watch the video, some steam systems run wild and go way over 212F, exposed pipes are a joke and in this situation a waste of taxpayers dollars, the kids skin IS STILL ON THE PIPE , save the political anti regulation junk for someplace else, regulations came about for reasons, because we were poisoned, lied to and ripped off, a company was supposed to insulate the pipes, how much you want to bet they are run by some greedy person who took the money but never did the work?? this should lead to another news story regarding that, watch the video and learn

  • SlamDunk
    SlamDunk Member Posts: 1,591
    Measuring 175 degrees on a steam pipe like the reporter did, seems reasonable but the insulation work screams: " I don't care how it looks, I don't live here". Not to mention, exposed fiberglass in a kids' room.

    I think I would have went with something like Armacell insulation (max temp 220 deg), then research having white Armacell manufactured if all NYC housing has to be child proofed.

    I work with 100 psi steam pipes and get steam hickeys every month. Those pipes are 350 degrees but my burns dont look that bad! The kid had to be on that pipe for a longer time than normal. I didn't have the sound on with the video. Maybe they explained why she couldn't pull away fast enough.

  • unclejohn
    unclejohn Member Posts: 1,833
    The toddler won't get burned again I bet.