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Prestige boiler w/propane fuel

Error message 3 displayed after 5 ignition failures, reset system, no propane, system should be turned completely off until propane tank is filled & system is ready to be reset?


  • nicholsnsonsnicholsnsons Member Posts: 6
    Water & heat are run through system not sure if power should be shut completely off or not due to water pressures?
  • ZmanZman Member Posts: 5,830
    edited January 2019
    You will need to reset it after the propane is refilled. The tech will usually want to walk the house and check all appliances before turning the gas back on.
    No harm in leaving the boiler on or off under these conditions. You may want to run the pumps if you are concerned about freezing.
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  • lchmblchmb Member Posts: 2,989
    a leak test should be performed as well
  • nicholsnsonsnicholsnsons Member Posts: 6
    After fill up & restart system working well, Thanks for the advice,
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