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Build your own radiator?

MilanDMilanD Member Posts: 1,114
May be a little utilitarian, but - hey, if it works, it works! Gave me an idea for a short under the window pipe radiator. With some kind of cap to keep it together, this could give a lot of BTUs with a 1' pipe stack.


  • rorylanerorylane Member Posts: 22
    I was thinking about doing something similar to replace a window seat radiator that is long gone. This one is better designed than what I had come up with, less fittings.
  • hot_rodhot_rod Member Posts: 13,477
    I've built a bunch of different radiators over the years. Everything from copper to concrete.

    Hot water circulating through pipes, easy as that. Give it a try and show us your stuff. Here are a couple favorites.

    Bob "hot rod" Rohr
    trainer for Caleffi NA
    The magic is in hydronics, and hydronics is in me
  • Mark EathertonMark Eatherton Member Posts: 5,843
    @JohnNY has posted some tubular steel radiators being used in NYC.

    The only problem with copper is that when it's shiny, it's output is low. I had a sheet copper radiant ceiling heater in my office, and I was seeing like a 2 degree delta across it. I painted it flat white with latex and the delta T jumped to 4 degrees F. Essentially doubled the output with the stroke of a brush.

    Low emissivity...

    It's not so much a case of "You got what you paid for", as it is a matter of "You DIDN'T get what you DIDN'T pay for, and you're NOT going to get what you thought you were in the way of comfort". Borrowed from Heatboy.
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