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Trane inducer dilemma

woodheatguy Member Posts: 7
Hi I have a

Trane xv-90 set up for propane. Model # uy060r9v3v. It is about 12 years old.

About 10 years ago my toddler son put the hose in the outlet pvc pipe on the

furnace.(yes he is still alive). I heat with wood and use the furnace fan to distribute

the wood stove heat around the house. Ever since the “water” incident I have

been having inducer motor problems, 3 flashes.If I jiggle the wires or tap on

the motor housing I can get it to work. I only need the furnace part when we

are on vacation or when it is really cold. Last night it was -3F so in the

morning I put on the furnace to help out the wood furnace and all my tricks did

not work. I was looking at the Service facts and saw a thing called the draft

inducer trouble shooting manual. Where can I find this?

I think

since the motor comes on and works fine when it does work there might be

corrosion in the wiring harness. What about the high and low pressure switches

or the inducer housing limit switch. Would any of them give me an inducer error?

Is there any way I can test the motor to be sure it works.


Any help

would me great.



Erich Ruger.
Woodheat Guy


  • furnacefigher15
    furnacefigher15 Member Posts: 514

    There is a pressure switch on the furnace that's "proves" the inducers function and sends a signal to the board.

    The # 1 cause of pressure switch errors on a 90% furnace is condensate backing up due to a plugged drain.

    There is a trap in the condensate line that will get plugged with debris.

    What is 3 flash on that furnace? Usually the chart will be more specific then just pressure switch.
  • Tim McElwain
    Tim McElwain Member Posts: 4,518
    What is the make and number of the

    board? That way I can diagnos the 3 flash code.
  • Tim McElwain
    Tim McElwain Member Posts: 4,518
    edited January 2012
    I looked up your unit

    which I believe may be a two stage unit using a White Rodgers 50A50 series board. The 3 flash code is an indication of a pressure switch error. There are two pressure switches on the unit. If the inducer got water in it long ago it might have corroded to the point that it is not able to get up to full speed and pull in the pressure switches. Or as was posted already check the condensate lines. When was the last time this unit was taken apart and cleaned?

    Do you have two pressure switches on your unit? I really need the number of the White Rodgers control to get an exact diagnosis.
  • woodheatguy
    woodheatguy Member Posts: 7

    I will get the # off the board in the am. there are a high and low pressure switches .  when there is a call for heat , I get no action on the fan at all just 3 flashes that indicates an inducer error in my owners manual. I have never taken out the pressure switches.

    is it hard?
    Woodheat Guy
  • woodheatguy
    woodheatguy Member Posts: 7
    update #

    White rogers  50A61-605

    Hope this helps


    Woodheat Guy
  • Tim McElwain
    Tim McElwain Member Posts: 4,518
    On a call for heat

    see if you have 120 VAC from Inducer Lo (pin 3) to Inducer N (neutral) (pin 4) if you do and the inducer is not running the inducer needs replaced At the same time check Inducer Hi to Inducer "N". if there is power on either one of these and the inducer is not running then the inducer is bad.

    Just one thing tricky however there is a TCO Thermal Cutout Switch in the Neutral leg from the inducer if you have the diagram for the unit it is labeled TCO-C if that is open the inducer will not work.

    If you have a FAX number I can send you some info to help you out.
  • woodheatguy
    woodheatguy Member Posts: 7
    Fax #

    Sorry but I don't have a fax # is it possible to send it as a file attachment to an email?
    Woodheat Guy
  • Tim McElwain
    Tim McElwain Member Posts: 4,518

    my e-mail is [email protected], I will get it off to you tomorrow afternoon if I get your e-mail by then.
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