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Please pray for my son...(Floyd)

Floyd_7Floyd_7 Posts: 136Member
he was at Wetstock with me in Chicago.
Thanksgiving morning he decided that he had enough of life and attempted to take his. It was not a day of "Thanksgiving" for me.
His marriage has been in trouble for a while and he has tried to bury the hurt in the has only made matters worse.
He is physically okay, but has a long road to recovery emotionally....
This boy,at 26, has so much God given talent for building heat systems that work......I can take a picture in my mind and easily have him seeing the same picture and he builds it.
As a father I could not be more proud of the things he can create with his hands.
Also like his father he has trouble making relationships work......I pray that he learns that sooner and faster than I did!
I have not been here much lately, and when I have it is to just try and stay in touch with what is going on. You guys are family and it's so refreshing to check in and just get a glimpse of what everyone it up to.
Looks like I may be working extra for a bit till I get my help back.... I'll be checking in, and help where I can.....

Thanks in advance for all your support!!!



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