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Intplm. Member Posts: 2,084

Have you been offered a gift card or other type of "reward " for taking an online survey from an applicable (plumbing and heating, hvac/r) company or manufacturer, only to finish the survey and have to go through flaming hoops to get the said reward? This has happened to me and others I know and have decided not to take the survey any longer, silly me, I thought I was being helpful.



  • Jamie Hall
    Jamie Hall Member Posts: 23,655

    It's not just you, @Intplm. , nor is it just HVAC. You should see what I get… the "delete" button is very handy.

    Br. Jamie, osb
    Building superintendent/caretaker, 7200 sq. ft. historic house museum with dependencies in New England
  • ratio
    ratio Member Posts: 3,701

    The purpose of most of the internet is to harvest email & phone numbers (& hopefully banking) info to resell. IDK how they can sustainably make money doing it, maybe it's just a great big Ponzi scheme.

    Thank goodness for the occasional circles of sanity like Heating Help!!!

  • Intplm.
    Intplm. Member Posts: 2,084

    I don't want to mention the names of companies. I have looked into and even called the reps to ask if the survey is legit. When they are I would go ahead and venture into the survey. However. Now I am at the point where I will hit the delete button just like what @Jamie Hall mentions above.

    If they want to be legit and show that they are true, wouldn't it behoove them to show the reward ahead of time? And have it show up without the BS? I'm sure some are legit.

    Has anyone had a bad experience or a good experience with this?

    LRCCBJ Member Posts: 173
    edited July 8

    "If they want to be legit and show that they are true………"

    Legit might be the situation in 5% of the garbage that drops into the inbox. The remainder is a scam. Sadly, it's everywhere today.

  • GGross
    GGross Member Posts: 1,105

    The ones I see when you get to the end there is a long list of stores you can choose a gift card from. I imagine the stores offering cards offer a reduced rate to the folks that dispense the cards and receive some advertising from the redemption page and more than likely access to your email for a mailing list of some kind. For what its worth the one time I went through with one I did not receive any advertising from any of the stores offering cards, or the company that issued the cards.