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Basement laundry chute Idea

JakeCK Member Posts: 1,130
During my basement bath remodel(more like complete total tear out and rebuild) I have been struggling with what to do with the laundry chute that goes right next to where the bathroom door is. Wife says get rid of it because we never use it. I argue we never use it because it's not set up well. 

So this is my idea to make it pretty, and perhaps a bit more functional. I'm even thinking of buying a second one and putting it directly below it. Even if we still don't use the chute it would make for a really nice linen closet. Also hold the comments on my amateur framing and eletrical. 


  • EdTheHeaterMan
    EdTheHeaterMan Member Posts: 4,999
    edited January 19
    My son did a remodel and just moved the washer and dryer to the second floor. that is where 90% of the laundry is generated, Bed linens, clothes changing, bathroom towels, all get generated on the second floor. The occasional kitchen wash rag or towel can easily be tossed up the steps when that needs the laundry treatment.

    Then your lovely partner need not go up and down the steps to make laundry day happen.

    your cabinet idea looks great though. Just make sure you duct off anyplace that socks can hide. God knows that the clothes dryer eats enough of them.
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  • PC7060
    PC7060 Member Posts: 913
    And the framing and electrical looks good!
  • JakeCK
    JakeCK Member Posts: 1,130
    I would love upstairs laundry. I even drew up my floor plan and played around with it to see if I could make it work. There isn't space short of robbing it from one of the bedrooms. Even the mechanicals wouldn't be to difficult to work in and I could probably even manage it without having to rip apart half the house but the space just doesn't work. 

    It's too bad too because when the wife saw me playing with the plans she got excited. Lol
  • hot_rod
    hot_rod Member Posts: 18,279
    Shoot, that looks great!
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  • JakeCK
    JakeCK Member Posts: 1,130
    I've looked into the heat pump dryers, the good ones are still too small. The only 7cuft one is a pita to get to the coils from what I read. 

    No matter what I would have to steal sq footage from a bedroom.

    Here is this houses floor plan:

  • Mad Dog_2
    Mad Dog_2 Member Posts: 3,942
    Its the one thing I regret that I didn't just override Barbara on and do anyway.  NOW she agrees!   Even with the smaller rooms of this Country Victorian, and the fact that the basement laundry room doesn't line up with the top floor bathroom or anything else, (The kitchen is a large open floor plan over the laundry room, so you'd have the chute coming down in the middle of the room.)   I still wish I would have run a chute from anywhere on top floor to "who cares" in the basement.    The other small regret I have is that I didn't run a large copper express rider to the top floor and install a Fire Sandpiper with coiled smaller Guage 🔥 fire hose.  I saw a good customer and friend if mine, Pat Lyons do this about a year after I closed the walls.  Atleast I had my Silver-brazed copper fire sprinkler system throughout the home!  Mad 🐕 Dog
  • JakeCK
    JakeCK Member Posts: 1,130
    edited February 3
    Now I just need to figure out the best way to trim it out and to close off the gap between the chute and cabinet. Might see if I can get some sheet metal.

    Also have to fix the drywall. Got a little messed up while cutting it.