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Replacing fan in a can

Enormo Member Posts: 4
edited November 2022 in THE MAIN WALL
Hi everybody, I have a steam boiler that wouldn’t come on so I had a tech come out and take a look. It turns out that the fan in a can died so without air it wont let the boiler kick on. The company quoted me a big number to replace it so I’m trying to get a sense whether this is something a non-electrician like myself could/should tackle myself if I take a lot of pictures and swap everything out exactly as currently wired? 


  • captainco
    captainco Member Posts: 737
    There should be an indoor relief damper on the intake pipe so you don't draw in too much air. What size is your boiler?
  • Enormo
    Enormo Member Posts: 4
    The issue is it’s not drawing in any air at the moment. Boiler is 216k. Model KIN11LNC-LL2
  • pedmec
    pedmec Member Posts: 713
    its real simple. should be a low voltage 3 conductor connected to a 3 wire terminal strip. like for like. then just reconnect the power wiring.

    you need to make sure your getting 24 volts at t1 with t2 common. t3 will send 24 volts back to the boiler when the pressure switch is proven.
  • ratio
    ratio Member Posts: 3,336
    Please remove the pricing from your post, we don't talk about money like that. It's one of the few rules we have, & it's an important one.
  • Enormo
    Enormo Member Posts: 4
    ratio said:
    Please remove the pricing from your post
    Thanks for letting me know. I’ll find a different resource to make sure it’s competitive. 
    JUGHNE Member Posts: 10,320
    I see you have at least 2 NG water heater tanks there.
    Do they have enough combustion air?

    Often they are interlocked with the Fan in a Can pressure switch.

    Maybe the company assumed they were relying upon the Fan/Can.
  • Enormo
    Enormo Member Posts: 4
    good eye - those are 2 hot water heaters, but I have only seen the fan turn on for the boiler while it was working.