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Underfloor Installation Video

Zman Member Posts: 7,542
I have a buddy that is installing plates and tubes underfloor for a remodel and won't be able to help him until it is time to connect it all.
I am looking for a video that shows how to install all this the easy way. You know, install the plates and drill the holes first and then feed to the last bay first, pulling the bays with a cross-over to reduce strain.
Every video I see online has some homeowner making a mess of it which is what I am trying to prevent.
"If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough"
Albert Einstein


  • Dave H_2
    Dave H_2 Member Posts: 545
    Here is one https://youtube.com/watch?v=sWsWMb88qI8

    another, mostly talking just about the system, but shows the other end of the loop https://youtube.com/watch?v=Ev5UY408xvQ

    And I have attached a joist-trak handbook.

    Not a lot of pro videos out there

    Dave H.

    However, here is how I do it;

    Install plates, start at one end about 12" from the rim joist, install the plates with just 2-3 screws to get started. Leave a 1/2" up to maximum 6" gap from plate to plate. This gap will depend upon the length of the joist. Adjust the gap so if you need to cut a plate, cut it in half and eliminate a pile of odd lengths. Remember to leave 12" at the other end of the joist.

    When drilling holes, I prefer to individual holes, it just helps keep things organized and easier to pull the pex. If using 1/2" pex (5/8" O.D.) drill a 3/4" hole, 3/8" pex (that's what I prefer, so much more flexible) 5/8" hole is all that is needed.

    Drill two holes, side by side, half way down the joist (i.e. if 2x12 joists, 6" down) all the way from where you are starting the loop.

    When installing the pipe, from the uncoiler run the pex to the hole that is on the inside (further from rim joist) all the way down and return in the second hole (closest to rim joist) and secure at the manifold location.

    Then go to the furthest joist and start pulling the pex down the joist, the first bay is the hardest to get started. Care must be taken to not kink the pex. Use a rubber mallet or a vinyl coated dead blow hammer and snap into the plates, start on the plate/pex that is secured to the manifold (remember that this pex is not moving) go all the way down to the end and then start snapping the pex in the other run of plates in the same joist bay

    Look at the drawing in the handbook and the second video, when you are working in the other joist bays, when you start pulling the loop into each bay, let the loop "flip" over, you want the pex to go thru the joist as straight as possible.

    Watch the loop lengths, the pex has incremental footage markers. Do the math first and figure out how many joist bays you need.

    Repeat for the next loop

    Kinda simplified, but its a learn as you go type if install. It get easier as more is done

    Dave H
  • TAG
    TAG Member Posts: 754
    I took advise here and used 3/8 tubing on my last project .... wow -- was that easy.

    heavy plates w/ predrilled holes