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Tekmar 561/2/3 wifi issues

Fatherman Member, Email Confirmation Posts: 1
edited May 2021 in Thermostats and Controls
I have 7 Tekmar thermostats in a new house . I have registered these on Watts home app and can access the Watts server on my phone.

Periodically (its happened now 6 or 8 times) the thermostats will disconnect from the Watts server and refuse to re-connect. The WIFI page field shows 'connected' and IOT field shows:---.

When this happens, my only recourse has been to call Tekmar and have them reset their server. I am pulling my hair out.

I am pretty good with setting up wireless networks, and all other devices (dozens) work flawlessly.

Any one else out there had any similar experiences?


  • Jamie Hall
    Jamie Hall Member Posts: 23,287
    Frankly, I doubt very much that Tekmar is resetting its servers -- since they serve the entire company and all the other IOT stuff out there. So I wonder what they are doing...

    It is most likely to be a wifi network issue on your end. Check the router and all the associated gadgets. Make sure everything is updated. Make sure there are no other wifi networks interfering. Make sure that the network to which the Tekmars are connected is the correct one, with the correct security protocols operating. And so on...
    Br. Jamie, osb
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  • Zman
    Zman Member Posts: 7,569
    I agree with Jamie. Your router is probably having issues with the t-stats and their addresses on the network. You might try logging into the router and assigning the t-stats a permanent address rather than letting the router automatically assign them.
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  • Mike_Breault
    Mike_Breault Member Posts: 35
    Good day, Mike from tekmar here, I am sorry to hear that you're still having issues,

    A couple things I suggest, if you havent been advised

    1- What is your signal strength? (Menu->wifi->wifi on-> information button) it shouold be -65dB or better (closer to 0) higher than that, you will experience latency issues that makes the stat think its disconnected.
    2- we usually recommend power cycling the router. best practice is power off stats, then router, wait 30 seconds, power router on, once internet is up, power on stats. this is not absolute, but more just an example, routers on 2.4Ghz have 3 channels. new devices embark on one. it gets congested, power cycling the router allows it to "sort things out" and assign devices to the other 2 channels, reducing latency
    3- we DO reset devices. tech support has that tool, but is shouldnt happen often

    we can non invasively look at the network if there are still issues. this link is to an app we recommend to analyze the network. its simple and easy, and you can email us the key# to check the report and make suggestions. email us at tekmar.customerservice.com. the tool can be found here https://www.watts.com/our-story/brands/tekmar#selfhelp and is available for Apple and Android.

    I also would like to link you to 2 service bulletins on the subject. https://www.watts.com/dfsmedia/0533dbba17714b1ab581ab07a4cbb521/154629-source/sb111

    tekmar is working hard to improve our smart and connected products, and thank you for your support

    Be well and be Safe.