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Heatmaker Mark II water tank replacement

My water tank from my heatmaker Mark II is leaking. The boiler is still working however it is dripping into my house and I called a plumber and he told me that I need a new boiler unless I could find the parts which is a Tank for heatmaker Mark 2


  • Heatmaker? Whew! ............that's pretty old, no? I believe they were bought out by Laars. Replacement parts will be hard to find - maybe eBay.

    At this point, I'd replace the boiler to give yourself some peace of mind.
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  • kcoppkcopp Member Posts: 3,535
    Even if you can find the parts the hassle of installing them is not worth it. There is no guarantee that a new tank will go back together leak free or that in by pulling the unit apart you will not create more of an issue... Sorry to say but i would look at a new boiler. If its natural gas you more than likely will qualify from a rebate on a new unit... Where you at?
  • ZmanZman Member Posts: 6,002
    You may be able to find the parts, but why? The heat exchanger and control board will be failing soon enough.
    The heatmaker is probably on every boiler guys list of top 10 worst boilers of all time.
    Your heatmaker must be at least 20 years old, I would recommend replacing it before it leads you into a money pit.
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