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Barnes & Jones Big Mouth Crossover Trap (BJ-3CR), now available for order at

ted_p Member Posts: 64
edited July 2020 in Strictly Steam
Hi All,

On Monday I called Barnes & Jones to order a couple of Big Mouth BJ-3CR Crossover Traps (the one without the o-ring seat), but was told that I need to order them through an authorized dealer. Then Barnes & Jones would drop-ship them to me.

So I called and spoke to a nice lady named Demetra, explained what I wanted, and helped her find it on the B&J website. She told me that it would take a couple of days to set it up in their system, but once that was done they'd send me an email with a link so that I could order online. Well sure enough, I got the email with the link this morning and placed my order.

Their price ($73.99 each) looks very good to me.

You can also type "BJ-3CR" or "crossover trap" in the search box at, and it comes up at the top of the search results. As of today, it shows as out of stock, but available for delivery between Monday, July 13th and Thursday, July 16th. I'm hoping that once they get a few orders, they'll add inventory.

ethicalpaulDouble D


  • gerry gill
    gerry gill Member Posts: 3,000
    I still like the vari-vent they make for its compact size. I do have to call the factory when I order them tho, usually with a significant delay. Guess not enough people buy them.
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  • Fred
    Fred Member Posts: 8,516
    They should correct their description on that web page. If this is suppose to be the Main Vent version of the Trap, it should say that. There is a Trap that is also the same nomenclature. They also say "the trap is installed in the horizontal position. Again, if this is the VENT, it is installed in the vertical position. Very confusing.
  • ted_p
    ted_p Member Posts: 64
    Hi @Fred,

    This one is the crossover trap; that's what I thought made it worth mentioning here. The Big Mouth main vents have been available, on and off, at Amazon and a few other sites, but I don't think the crossover trap was ever available for purchase online until now.

    The nomenclature for the Main vent and the Crossover trap are in fact slightly different: The 3/4" Main vent is a BJ-3BM and the 3/4" Crossover trap is a BJ-3CR.

    They have the BJ-3BM main vent too, which is likely a much bigger seller. Here's the link for that one:

    You are right that their description for the Crossover trap could stand some tweaking. I'll see if I can get them to work on that.

  • ted_p
    ted_p Member Posts: 64
    Hi @Fred

    They've corrected the description, and it's much clearer now. Great suggestion!

    3/4" Big Mouth Crossover Trap

  • Sailah
    Sailah Member Posts: 826
    As the guy who came up with the Big Mouth (and crossover trap variant) with significant help from many of the members here...

    The Big Mouth and Crossover trap are basically identical. The only difference is that the crossover trap has the machined seat for the larger Mepco disc vs the O ring that the vent has. When we originally were toying with the design, we had 100 bodies made up with the machined seat but found they didn't seal perfectly as a vent would require so rather than scrap them we decided to make them into crossover traps where a few drops would not matter at the outlet.

    And Gerry, your Vari Vent is likely low demand, as in you are probably the only person that uses it! The special NPT fittings and 1/2-20 thread were a special run so that's likely to account for the delay in production as they need to run those fittings on the CNC. Most compact traps are 1/8" or 1/4" NPT for OEM foodservice like steam cookers.
    Peter Owens
    ted_pErin Holohan Haskell
  • Shalom
    Shalom Member Posts: 164
    I would have probably bought a couple vari vents had they been in stock at Amazon, but I went with big mouths in the end.
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