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Steam Trap Usage and Installation

dopey27177dopey27177 Member Posts: 299
See Attachment

Good stuff for people doing maintenance in large buildings.



  • gerry gillgerry gill Member Posts: 2,977
    Lots of good info. Thanks Jake :)

    Serving Cleveland's eastern suburbs from Cleveland Heights down to Cuyahoga Falls.

  • dopey27177dopey27177 Member Posts: 299
    I try to get good stuff out there. Some times no one looks at what I put out. But that is OK.

    I am hat is called a give back mode. The industry was good to me.

    I am fully retired 15 years, do not have much time left, so I wrote a book (my Legacy) and try to help here. This is also pay back to Dan, back when he and I were in the field he educated me and encouraged me to write.

    Dan is one in a million and hopefully he will have a long healthy life with his friends and family.

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