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Residential Steam Heat Vent Spitting Water.

Corey104 Member Posts: 2
The other day, i heard a strange noise where my vents on my residential steam system vents and noticed that one of the Vents (See red arrow) was spitting water out along with air. I don't think this is normal. Two things here. If I replace the vent will that stop the water from spitting out? Also is it really a vent and where can I purchase a replacement? As you may have guessed i am not have the greatest knowledge on steam heat.


  • Corey104
    Corey104 Member Posts: 2
    See attached for picture of where water is spitting out.
  • Jamie Hall
    Jamie Hall Member Posts: 22,937
    No, it is not normal. That said, before someone else chimes in, it looks as though that is -- or was -- intended to be a main vent, and it's poorly placed and even if it was working well, it's nowhere near big enough for a modern system. OK. That's off my mind.

    To select a proper replacement, you -- or we -- need to know how many feet of pipe are between that vent and the boiler, and how big that pipe is. Actually getting the replacement won't be hard -- even Amazon has them, although for a variety of reasons I prefer Supply House.

    However, if it is spitting water, you may have other -- seemingly unrelated -- problems: too much pressure, or not enough slope on that pipe. Since steam isn't your thing, perhaps you could post a picture of the front of the boiler, with the controls? And another, if you can identify it, with the pressure control in detail?
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