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Recirculating Pump Orientation

Hi all -

Homeowner here. I put in a water recirculating pump yesterday. Taco 006-e3. I just caught a line in the instructions saying the motor must be installed in the horizontal position. Does horizontal position mean to put it on a vertical water line - like in the picture? Of course I put mine on a horizontal line and I'm not sure I have the space to switch it.

What's the reason for the orientation having to be this way?


  • SuperTechSuperTech Member Posts: 1,479
    I believe it's because wet rotor circulators use water for lubrication and that orientation is best for the motor.
  • GroundUpGroundUp Member Posts: 1,063
    It's for lubrication and wear, and the pipe direction does not matter as long as the shaft in the motor is horizontal
  • trivetmantrivetman Member Posts: 81
    Thanks guys. I kept reading and found I can rotate the motor position relative to the pipe orientation. Already have it repositioned.
  • hot_rodhot_rod Member Posts: 14,080
    I'd be curious how the thermostatic mix valve responds to that piping. I have not seen the cir on the DHW supply like that?
    Maybe some of the drawing is missing, I don't see a loop for the circ?

    Typically you need a bypass to the tank from the recirc line with and adjustable balance valve.

    If you find the temperature in the HW goes too high or low it could be that piping and mix valve relationship.

    Perhaps the circulator has some logic via the sensor and SmartPlug to prevent temperature droop or creep.

    Keep an eye on HW temperature after a period of non use, like first draw in the morning.

    Here is the correct piping for recirculation with a 3 way thermostatic. The SmartPlug may render this piping obsolete.
    Bob "hot rod" Rohr
    trainer for Caleffi NA
    The magic is in hydronics, and hydronics is in me
  • trivetmantrivetman Member Posts: 81
    Yes the drawing is incomplete. It comes with a crossover valve under the sink to circulate back through the cold line. A retrofit for when you can’t install a return line. After one day of operation I am very happy to have done it. I now no longer have to wait 3 minutes for hot water to wash my hands!

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