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HTP VersaHydro Solar whining

jklingel Member Posts: 2
I have a 4-yr-old HTP VersaHydro Solar propane mod-con boiler, and it has a loud whine in it periodically. The whine started a year or so after installation. A factory tech, myself, and a boiler pro all recently felt the whine indicated a bad blower fan bearing, so I replaced the blower fan. That was 2 weeks ago. All was fine for 3 days, but the whine started again. It only whines when the blower fan is in the range of 27-29% of the max speed. Also, the boiler will sometimes run quietly in that speed range. A week ago I called a factory tech and he said it sounds like another bad blower fan bearing, or a propane pressure problem. A pro is coming Tuesday to measure the pressure in the manifold as a starting point. Has anyone else had a similar whining problem? No one in my town works on these boilers, so any information/experience I can pass along to the pro will be appreciated, even if the same problem has happened to you on a different brand. Thanks in advance, and I hope I made myself clear. Puzzled in Fairbanks.


  • Zman
    Zman Member Posts: 7,433
    Someone needs to do a combustion analysis and tune the boiler properly. Simply guessing and adjusting gas pressure will not fix this.
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  • Rich_49
    Rich_49 Member Posts: 2,703
    Contact HTP . We had a unit that we designed for in Maine that had a few issues . First issue was wet gas (propane) , propane guy addressed that . No fan issues on that one . Issue 2 was the 0-10v control on the on board circ was operating below 4 volts at times in a really tight house which created an issue with noise , we addressed that by changing the programmed Delta from 20* to 10* , sped the circ flow up and issue disappeared .

    HTP has a device they can send you to be hooked up and monitored remotely by engineering at HTP to assist in identifying issues
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  • jklingel
    jklingel Member Posts: 2
    Thanks for info in the above replies. I did not reply earlier because I did not get notices of replies. I will have to check on setting that up. I thought I would fish here for suggestions as well as what the HTP tech said, and I have gotten some. Thank you for that. It is very hard to diagnose over the phone or Net. The gas pressures will be checked as soon as I can get info from HTP on what fan speeds constitute "low fire" and "high fire". In the manual there is a fan speed chart that gives "min, 2000; ignition, 3000; max, 7300", but I am not going to assume these mean anything pertinent. When the pressures get checked, another combustion analysis will be done, as has been done twice. I will mention the above suggestions if what their tech thought was wrong does not pan out. I also have to check on an "asbestos" doughnut that was loose when I cleaned it. That doughnut sits between the boiler body and the ignition points and just may have air zipping past it, whining; dunno. Anyway, thanks again and I will mention these suggestions to the tech if needed. Cheers. john