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Kitchen Venting Help

Not sure this is an appropriate question for this forum, but I suspect I'll find some good advice here...

Our kitchen range is on an interior wall and has a microwave hood in self-vent mode.... so no exhaust of kitchen fumes/smells. The range is a 30 inch Samsung burning LP.

I'd like to add ventilation, but can't envision an easy way outside for ducting. The easiest is probably down through the floor, and then through floor joist bay about 8 feet to exterior wall.

My main question is what kind of contractor should I seek out for help? It would seem an HVAC co. with ducting capabilities would make sense, but would these folks be interested in such a project? IS there special expertise needed for kitchen venting?

Any thoughts out there?

Thank you.


  • STEVEusaPASTEVEusaPA Member Posts: 4,111
    First, check your instructions for the range hood. You may find out it's not going to be able to do:
    2 elbows, down 5 ft, 2 or 3 more elbows, then 8 ft out and thru the wall.
    Also, if interior wall is 2x4, you only have 3 1/2" of space, so you will have to go round to square duct, and back to round.
    But doing that may cause problems with cleaning the duct as it will trap grease.
    HVAC person who's ok cutting holes, especially going thru the exterior wall, or a carpenter who can follow directions.

    Or go old school with an exhaust fan on the exterior wall, which I wouldn't recommend.

    And you'll also have to make sure you provide enough infiltration to make up the air the fan removes from the house so you don't create a negative pressure on the home and start pulling products of combustion down your chimney.
  • pecmsgpecmsg Member Posts: 1,392
  • WalnutFarmerWalnutFarmer Member Posts: 37
    Thank you both. I will call Fantech customer service to get their input. I had ID'd the range hood as possibly insufficient. Not sure if an inline fan could supplement... Will look into it.
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