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Cross Manifold: Any downside?

TAGTAG Posts: 103Member
They look really slick -- other than being a bit more expensive if you want a simple manifold system .... if doing full control it's got everything other than the flow meters standard .. so, not that much more (have not added it up).

If I'm not missing anything -- going to use on current project.


  • rick in Alaskarick in Alaska Posts: 857Member
    I like the fact that they don't have to have separate actuators that eventually fail, and also the fact that it is easier and faster to wire. The rep actually came up here and showed us the manifold, and it looks very impressive.
    I would like to use one on my next job, but since I do mostly repair work, it might be a while.
  • RetrosPexRetrosPex Posts: 56Member
    TAG: I'm watching all comments about Cross myself, because I'm getting ready to purchase for my home. I'm deciding between Cross and Caleffi. I like the idea that the Cross is just a ball valve, turned by a simple device traveling on a ball screw. But, I have no idea how long the small nubs that engage will last. Or the ball valves, for that matter. I suggested to Malcolm that they offer a spare parts kit.

    Everyone is scared of the unknown, or it at least makes one hesitate.
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