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Radiant Heating Issues

MykeWhyte Member Posts: 19
I was going through this website trying to find someone with a similar issue as mines. And I did... https://forum.heatinghelp.com/discussion/163203/wirsbo-system-not-sending-heat

Only thing is I don't think the answer was ever truly given. A quick history... I own a two level home with a basement, and have heating issues throughout the entire home. Earlier this year my hot water heater went bad. I had to replace it. Prior to that, it seemed like the house heated pretty well. The spring and summer came and went and we're back in the winter... it now seems only half the zones get adequate heat. I'm trying to address them one by one. The Master bedroom has radiant floor heating. The wirsbo heat only thermostat seems to be working. I tested the voltage, it's getting adeqate power. When it's on, and I check the zone control module, I notice the yellow led for the thermostat turn on. The red led for the actuator however does not turn on. Each zone has a 4-wire actuator. As you can see in the picture, the zone second from the bottom does not turn red like the others. I tested each wire on the zone, All read around 25, except one which reads at 0.9. I decide to remove the wire and test it again. It then reads at just under 20. Can anyone explain what the issue here might be? I assume because of this, the actuator isn't functioning correctly, and this is why the room isn't heating .

Thanks for your help.


  • Zman
    Zman Member Posts: 7,543
    The controller is telling the actuator to open. The actuator is not fully opening and triggering the end switch. Which actuator is it? Does the end pop out when open?
    You can always swap actuators to troubleshoot.
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  • MykeWhyte
    MykeWhyte Member Posts: 19
    Hey Zman... it's a wirsbo manifold with wirsbo actuators. I did notice that the actuators did pop open on all the zones, including the zone where i'm not getting any heat. What does it mean when the button pops out?

    Earlier today, I was troubleshooting. I turned on the heat in each zone and set the thermostats to 72 F. I left them all on for a couple hours. When I came back to the control module, the thermostat and actuator lights had turned off on all the zones, except the master bedroom zone, where the thermostat light was still on and still no actuator light. I went to each thermostat and all them read at or close to 74 F, except for the master bedroom which was like 65.

    I did swap actuators real quick to see if the actuator light would turn on, it did not.