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Another steam radiator air vent location screwup. a.k.a. Thermal images don't lie.



  • PMJPMJ Posts: 906Member
    @ChrisJ ,

    At least our points of disagreement are quite clear. We've been here before and friendly about it and I'm sure that will continue.

    For me it takes very little study of the efforts that went into steam heat in the early 1900's to see amazing stuff that is well beyond throwing black pipe together cheaply as you put it. That you choose to not care about this history is of course a choice you are free to make. As a mechanical engineer I am continuously amazed by it. They accomplished an amazing amount with far fewer tools to work with than we have today. Your lack of interest in the technical details of this history is also clear. You don't address any of the technical points I make, you just seem to summarize my interest as that I wish us to return to the dark ages. We are two ships passing in the night 100's of miles apart on this one. But then the world would be a terribly dull place without differing viewpoints.

    I also do understand that Mr. Cataneo does not have available to him the controls able to make the changes I talk about. I'm quite sure he does an excellent job with what is available taking care of his clients. I'm sorry my original post may have appeared to be critical of him and what he is doing. It was not meant to be and clearly was an error on my part.

    You also never quite seem to give any credit to your special control for your result. If I were Mark S. I would be offended. Ecosteam at the end of the day does exactly what I am saying. It limits runs to shorter lengths which necessarily requires that there be more of them closer together. It does in fact run your system with less maximum radiator fill at any given time than would other wise be. It cuts off what would be peaks, it limits the swings.

    A radiator supplied with steam from a coal fired boiler provided very constant heat because it was physically impossible for anything about it to change quickly. I am simply interested having my radiators supply heat more that way than intermittently and I continue to investigate ways to better achieve that with intermittent fire. I know many folks near me with steam heat who wish their rads didn't continuously cycle back and forth from quite full and hot to room temperature. They didn't do this in the original design. My position is that they don't have to now either. I respect your right to not be interested in this, I really do. I am confident that you will allow me the same courtesy.
  • JohnNYJohnNY Posts: 2,404Member
    Just FYI: Every time I read "Mr. Cataneo" I get a little more full of myself.

    And you all thought there was no more room left for that.
    Showed you.
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