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Unit heaters

scrantchscrantch Posts: 30Member
Hi all, does anyone make a modine hot dawg type unit that is designed for in the home? I have a poorly insulated, sort of 3 season pool/Sun room that doesn't need to be kept warm until I want to swim. A regular unit heater is too noisy and ugly. I have some room on walls but mostly windows right down to the floor. I suppose I could paint a hot dawg and slow down the fan with a speed control but without modulating the gas flow it would ruin the tubes. Any suggestions ?


  • kcoppkcopp Posts: 3,324Member

    There are these... just remember the size and amount of glass will require some lead time.
  • ratioratio Posts: 2,010Member
    I'd be concerned about it lasting in such a corrosive environment. Natatorium space conditioning is a thing all by itself.

    What's up above it? Roof space? That might be a possibility.

  • pecmsgpecmsg Posts: 762Member
    Anything you put in that room will fail in a few short years.
    Design and manufacture equipment just for that environment.

  • scrantchscrantch Posts: 30Member
    I guess one problem leads to another. Keep in mind both issues I've been asking about on this site are all tied together, and have been going on for ten years or more. The pool room contains all it's mechanicals within a closet that shows no signs of corrosion. The pool itself stays covered when not in use. It took a long time to get the water chemicals right with the spent chlorine building up from lack of direct sunlight. The room is well ventilated in the warm months, and we haven't been using it in the winter. I just keep it warm enough to keep all the plants alive. So, if we could heat the room quickly, use the pool, then cover it and reduce air temp back down to the 50s, I will be satisfied.
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