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Help to wire condensate pump to combi boiler

Had a Noritz CB199 Combi installed the contractor dumped the condensate drain under my house didn't like it nor is it up to code I installed a pump to drain and need to connect the fail shut off switch to combi did not find wire connection on unit so I contacted the manufacturer support they informed me that no wire connection was installed on unit what is the best way to connect fail switch on condensate pump to my system to shut unit down any help would be greatly appreciated


  • NY_RobNY_Rob Posts: 1,370Member
    edited December 2018
    Your boiler most likely has an air pressure switch on it's internal condensate trap. Test it with a multi-meter to determine it's N/O or N/C state with the boiler running then connect it in series with your condensate pump's alarm relay common and N/O or N/C contacts.
  • IronmanIronman Posts: 5,470Member
    You don't wanna do that. Which would you rather have, a little water in the crawl space if the pump fails or a flooded house because a pipe froze and burst when the condensate pump failed and turned your heat off?
    Bob Boan

    You can choose to do what you want, but you cannot choose the consequences.
  • DZoroDZoro Posts: 1,020Member
    Suggest connecting the fail switch to a separate alarm possibly tie to your phone. If you tie it into the boiler and shut down the boiler, you could end up with much more destruction than you may have bargained for.
  • HotanCoolHotanCool Posts: 53Member
    Why not tie into a thermostat with an alarm terminal (L)? At least the Homeowner will know there is an issue.
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