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Forrest_2 Member Posts: 35
Hi folks.
Recently had a problem with my aqua stat on my boiler, 2 zones. Had a Pro come in and fix it. Now I was wondering about my thermostats (2) They go down to 50, but I'd rather them go down to forty (I'm retired and broke) I also have a wood stove that I use. I just don't see a need for it to be on most of the time. The tech didn't think it was a very good idea to be flipping the switch on off all the time.
So what I have is the standard Honeywell round units that go down to 50.

I have seen newer ones, I think designed for central air (which I don't have) that go down to 40, is this a swap I could do?



  • KC_Jones
    KC_Jones Member Posts: 5,741
    I would suggest that if you set it to 50 (with woodstove running) and your house actually gets to 50, you have much bigger problems than the range of that thermostat.

    My comments are even stronger for a thermostat that goes to 40, along with the risk of frozen pipes as there are certainly areas of the house away from that thermostat that will be even colder.

    I'd take the thermostat money and buy a few cans of spray foam and start tightening up your envelope, that is a much better way to spend the money as it will benefit you long term.
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  • Forrest_2
    Forrest_2 Member Posts: 35
    Thanks KC. I've been in my home for 30 years, I know it pretty well. I am at the moment cleaning up the insulation in my crawl spaces, etc. I do as much as I can when I can. I sold a 60's motorcycle last week to fund the insulation and instead handed it over to the plumber. I know that's life, stupid question.
  • ratio
    ratio Member Posts: 3,649
    IIRC there's some calibration to those old T87s that could be adjusted to allow it to control to a lower set point (although it would display the set point incorrectly), certainly they could be mounted not-quite-level to achieve the same result.
  • Forrest_2
    Forrest_2 Member Posts: 35
    Thanks ratio, to the point. I have posted here before and always get advice, instead of what I asked for. So I appreciate it.
    JUGHNE Member Posts: 11,075
    If you set the T-stat at 40, what would the crawlspace/basement temp be.....where the water lines might be....?
    Wood stove heat may not get down there.