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Steamer replacement

EzzyTEzzyT Posts: 811Member
We ripped this one out yesterday and installed a Peerless ECT-03 and reinstalled the power burner.
We got the steam side up and running yesterday and Today got the hot water zone and wiring all done.
Of course swapped the cycle guard with a safeguard and pipe the water seal.
Installed a analog water meter with a resetable counter and a Caleffi in-line demilitarize water filter.
Also wired in a CO detector with a relay to kill th boiler if the CO detector alarm would go off.


  • JUGHNEJUGHNE Posts: 5,578Member
    If I understand/decipher the pictures correctly, it seems seldom that a boiler with what seems to have good NBP (looking at the foil wrapped piping) would get changed out.
    Must have been a leaker??
  • EzzyTEzzyT Posts: 811Member
    Yeah it was a leaker.
  • JUGHNEJUGHNE Posts: 5,578Member
    Thanks, just curious. Doesn't look that old considering the piping which we seldom old?

    Your job looks great!
    Any opinions on the old header design of the L shaped header to keep piping compact above the boiler?
  • EzzyTEzzyT Posts: 811Member
    The old boiler was about almost 20 years old.
    It was repiped and converted to gas about 4 years ago by someone else who used to participate in the Forum.
    I don’t pipe a steamer with less then a minimum of 3” header.
    Even with the old drop header piping which was 2” the mains where still getting wet steam.
  • That old piping looks a lot like Christmas, minus the lights! Have you used the “demilitarized” water filter much before? I can think of a few places where those should be installed!—NBC
  • EzzyTEzzyT Posts: 811Member
    I’ve been using them a lot.
  • GrallertGrallert Posts: 305Member
    Nice work
  • EzzyTEzzyT Posts: 811Member
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