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Peerless PI-80 blower runs all the time

dalem Member Posts: 3
I have a PI-80 R1 with power on and no call for heat blower runs about 400 rpm all the time if i disconnect control plug the blower runs at full speed. it keeps giving a F14 fault. if i push the reset button it will work ok for some time. the coils have been cleaned along with the drain. which is more likely the fan or the control board. it has a P125 control.the intake and exsaust pipes are ok


  • Ironman
    Ironman Member Posts: 7,085
    Do you have the service manual for it? Follow what it says to do.
    Bob Boan
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  • dalem
    dalem Member Posts: 3
    i have the manual nothing in their about if the blower runs with no call for heat.i don't want to replace a blower if the problem is with the controller board. as the blower seems to act as it should when you remove the control cable from it.
  • Zman
    Zman Member Posts: 7,435
    edited October 2018
    This thread has some good info on your problem. https://forum.heatinghelp.com/discussion/139119/peerless-pi-80-f14-fault

    Cleaning and verifying contact on all the plugs and grounds attached to the control board would be a good, inexpensive first step. Those early model mod/cons did not have very robust controls. The slightest things would trip them up.
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  • dalem
    dalem Member Posts: 3
    I have checked all the plugs and and grounds everything seems bright and clean and tight as far as i can see. when i turn the power off the fan stops as soon as i turn it back on the fan runs at high speed to purge then drops back to about 400 rpm with no call for heat