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Fear of the Unknown

HeatingHelpHeatingHelp Posts: 231
edited October 11 in THE MAIN WALL

Fear of the Unknown

A homeowner, let’s call her Linda, sent me a message through Heating Help’s contact form last winter and it still has me thinking.

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  • JackmartinJackmartin Posts: 124Member
    Good thinking Erin. All the best Jack
  • Erin Holohan HaskellErin Holohan Haskell Posts: 799Member, Moderator, Administrator
    Thanks, @Jackmartin.
  • IronmanIronman Posts: 4,576Member
    edited October 11
    You're article reminded me of this from my childhood. My bedroom was right above an oil-fired boiler in an apartment complex. When the bldg. engineer had the door open to the mechanical room, seeing the monster scared me to death. Fortunately, I've been blessed with a determination to conquer anything that I was fearful of. I guess that's why I learned this trade. :)

    Bob Boan

    You can choose to do what you want, but you cannot choose the consequences.
  • Erin Holohan HaskellErin Holohan Haskell Posts: 799Member, Moderator, Administrator
    Haha! That's great. Thanks, @Ironman.
  • Jamie HallJamie Hall Posts: 8,923Member
    Good article -- thanks Erin! It does illustrate, though, how humans -- in general -- have real trouble figuring risk. We (myself included!) badly overestimate the risk for things we don't understand or aren't familiar with, and badly underestimate the risk for those we are familiar with. It's a real problem in a number of different areas.

    Building superintendent/caretaker, 7200 sq. ft. historic house museum with dependencies in New England.

    Hoffman Equipped System (all original except boiler), Weil-Mclain 580, 2.75 gph Carlin, Vapourstat 0.5 -- 6.0 ounces per square inch
  • Erin Holohan HaskellErin Holohan Haskell Posts: 799Member, Moderator, Administrator
    Thanks, @Jamie Hall. That's a really good point.
  • JoeEngineerJoeEngineer Posts: 1Member
    I find many if not most of the people who become DIY’ers are the ones who do not appreciate your expertise; if they can learn, in a few minutes talking to them, all the eperience you have gained over the years, god bless them. My guess is you will be more appreciated by most and it will save you going back for unnecessary or minor calls
  • Jim_RJim_R Posts: 204Member
    Erin, I "Think" that "zero hour not particularly the time specific to the 50's era I'm assuming you are referring to ? was actually used much earlier probably to show the automatic heat regulator having the house warm in the morning without someone having to run to the control and manually turn it up ...
    A smart promotion but that's one kind of fuzzy as something vaguely familiar..
    .. They run this local 100 years ago 75 years ago or 50 years ago on this date and the Spanish Flu still had a grip on the area and if I recall correctly that was part of the shift to the larger Radiators in people's houses so they could leave their windows open during the cold weather for fresh air and keeping any diseased air ? from settling down in their house.. I'll finish connecting everything when I get a chance.. I have a bit more work to do before I could relax.. Purdue v Ohio State really distracted me..
  • Erin Holohan HaskellErin Holohan Haskell Posts: 799Member, Moderator, Administrator
    Great catch, @Jim_R. I did some more research and it looks like that ad I was referring to is actually from 1924. I've attached it here. Thanks!
  • Jim_RJim_R Posts: 204Member
    > @Erin Holohan Haskell said:
    > 1924. I've attached it here. Thanks!

    Ah thank you Erin,

    That picture of the ad pulls my prior Post a bit more in focus now .. along with today's Day in History

    And a little Google search verification and of course indexed at the top of the search engine

    Well anyway, the Radiator in front of the window in your picture,
    Very long and somewhat tall Radiator , oversized just for that room but perhaps hot water ? .
    Breakfast at 10 ! Country Living probably wasn't marketing to Farmers..
    the 100 th year Calendar of the Spanish Flu Pandemic.

    Ok.. it's coming together.. I didn't notice anything on the walls but the " Thermostat" perhaps would be mounted more of a central location ? The photo is probably from a series or book published by Ideal, Arco, American Radiator as they had nice artwork in many of their advertisments
    .to be continued.
  • Erin Holohan HaskellErin Holohan Haskell Posts: 799Member, Moderator, Administrator
    That makes sense, Jim. Thanks for the additional info. And you're right about that 10 AM breakfast. !!
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