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Jackmartin Member Posts: 181
I had an interesting call this past winter and I thought it might be of some use for future trouble shooting. I am a contractor In the HVAC end of things. I got a call from two youngsters that are trying to establish themselves in the commercial/ industrial refrigeration aspect of the business. I started out in the industrial refrigeration trade ( ammonia) so I have a soft spot for these youngsters.

They had gotten a contract with one of the restaurant chains and they ,of course ,want to build an all encompassing service business. So I get a call, would I be willing to check out an air makeup and tell the manager, I worked for them, sure. I hate restaurants ,because the workers in the kitchen whine and on the business end of things —- they do not pay.

I suppose it is in the grand scheme of things the only day you work on rooftop equipment it has to be at -30 or colder. I get to the scene of the crime ,put on my snowmobile suit , then the parka and of course Sorel boots. I had so many clothes on ,if I fell, I would have to turn over to get up. They had previous contractors and of course instead of looking for sparrows, they looked for something exotic. The Fire eye was changed , the air proving switch, hell one guy even changed the fan belts? In my experience Fire-eyes do not fail all that often and change the fan belts, really?

I cycle the unit ,nothing, the Fire eye was doing it,s thing ,the unit just would not fire. Okay, jump out the air proving switch, they freeze solid here, especially when they take out the baseboard heater from the cabinet. Cycle it again, nope, worked like a politicans promise, all talk no go. I am getting cold and I want off that roof,so I cycle the Fire eye again, run around to the other side of the unit where the pilot igniter lives and what do you know no pilot flame.

I take the pilot apart, looks ok, but you know what looks good means in this business, nothing! On a hunch, I cycle the control again and now I have the pilot tubing with nothing on it, when I see this black bean pop out of the tubing? I get my needle nose pliers and cycle it again ,the bean pops out and I managed to grab it, it is the little brass filter they put in the pilot line at the factory to prevent the pilot from being gummed up. That filter is solid with crud and I learned later ,this unit had been a problem for some time ,I can only assume some gas was going to the pilot until it completely clogged.

I put everything back together and the unit runs the way it should, it is only 500 k but heat is heat. I go down to the kitchen, tell them their Air Make up is working and they could get the electrician back and have him/her remove the jumper for the exhaust fan. Now the whining starts, it,s cold in here, sure it,s cold you are wearing tee shirts, the stoves are all off and the exhaust fan is working constantly, stay short order cooks you have found your position in life. The good news, the kids have a satisfied customer and I don,t have to chase a restaurant to be paid. All the best Jack



  • GBart
    GBart Member Posts: 746
    don,t have to chase a restaurant to be paid, don,t have to chase a restaurant to be paid, don,t have to chase a restaurant to be paid,

    say no more, say no more
  • Solid_Fuel_Man
    Solid_Fuel_Man Member Posts: 2,307
    Just wear a shirt that says "WILL WORK FOR FOOD". A year's supply of food.
    Serving Northern Maine HVAC & Controls. I burn wood, it smells good!
  • Leonard
    Leonard Member Posts: 903
    Chinease restaurant HVACs are fun to work with, gray mold every where. They shut off make up air in winter to save heating $$$ then grease vapor deposits EVERYWHERE,
  • lchmb
    lchmb Member Posts: 2,997
    I had a chinese place a few years ago..the grease was so thick on the walls you couldn't find the appliance shut off's... yea dont miss the place..
  • Leonard
    Leonard Member Posts: 903
    edited August 2018
    Seems to be a common theme of FILTH when it comes to Chinese restaurants . Even in the public seating areas, behind the public section is unbelievable. Lot of it passed by health dept as it's not a "food preparation" surface.