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Choosing a water heater

kelchmkelchm Posts: 7Member
edited June 12 in Domestic Hot Water
Recently purchased a home which has a 30+ year old electric A.O Smith water heater. I'm planing to replace it next week and I am trying to decide on what water heater I want to purchase.

I'm strongly considering one of the Rheem Performance Platinum Hybrid heaters (XE50T10HD50U1
or XE65T10HD50U1) since they offer some interesting IoT capabilities and also qualify for a $400 rebate from my power company. Based on some back of the napkin math it seems like between the rebate and the higher efficiency, the 50 gallon model would completely pay for itself in roughly three years.

Any thoughts or experience with these units?

EDIT: Wanted to add that I have a oil boiler, but the low cost of electricity in my area (~$0.07/kWh) means it makes little sense to use it for DHW.


  • vibert_cvibert_c Posts: 57Member
    You have not stated what caused this present tank to fail. If it was me, I'd purchase another exact model as it has a proven history of value for your money. Your back of the napkin math is biased by the rebate that is offered to cloud your vision. Heck my tank is still working great since 1929. Are you in Quebec?
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