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Nitrogen Leak Dectector

I'm looking for a good quality nitrogen leak detector for finding leaks using nitrogen as a pressure test.


  • ratio
    ratio Member Posts: 3,507
    Ultrasonic. Perhaps an IR sensor, but I'm not sure that the ΔT of expanding N2 will be enough, certainly compared to a refrigerant.

    I've used one of these before, but it was as loaner and I ended up finding the leak without it, so not a lot of experience with it. It's on my list of Things to Get, FWIW.

  • radmix
    radmix Member Posts: 194
    The ones I've been looking at also need a tracer element H2 hydrogen @ 2% to detect. Does nitrogen purchased at my local gas company have this element mixed in?
  • ratio
    ratio Member Posts: 3,507
    Dunno, but the N2 I get around here is supposed to be good & clean. I hear (but can't speak to it's validity, although I believe it) that it's cleaner than medical-grade gas, as the water vapor content is lower than what's permitted for medical use. Certainly, using H2-contaminated gas wouldn't be such a good idea for purge use.

    H2 is a combustible gas, I would expect any combustible gas detector to pick it up. Is there any reason why you can't use a refrigerant gas detector? It can be used as a trace gas with nitrogen as well.