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What's the right room temperature?

HeatingHelp Administrator Posts: 600
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What's the right room temperature?

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  • wyradiantguy
    wyradiantguy Member Posts: 5
    Another great story Dan... I started going to your seminars in the 90's and have always enjoyed your stories. So much humor and good advice in every one...
  • DanHolohan
    DanHolohan Member, Moderator, Administrator Posts: 16,436
    Retired and loving it.
    EBEBRATT-Ed Member Posts: 14,560
    had a few warm air furnaces in a public works garage. The employees would open the garage doors in the winter drive big dump trucks in , turn the thermostats up, take break or lunch and then close the doors and leave. So the garage would soon be 90 deg.

    We disconnected the wall stats and left them on the wall. We wired the furnace fans to run 24/7. We installed duct thermostats in the return air to the furnace to operate the burner.

    They still turn the wall stats up and down and everyone is happy!!!!
  • Jean-David Beyer
    Jean-David Beyer Member Posts: 2,666
    I once worked in a place with these gas fueled heaters near the ceiling. There were two heaters and two thermostats. The two zones were not anywhere near sealed from one another. A bunch of offices with partitions between them. The partitions may have been 8 feet high, but the ceilings were much higher than that. Things worked out pretty well if no one messed with the thermostats.
    But once, one of the secretaries felt too cold and turned up the nearest thermostat. This did not help, but the technicians in the other part of the building felt too hot and turned the nearest thermostat to them down. This went on all day and by then the secretary's thermostat was all the way up and the technicians' thermostat was all the way down and both were miserable.
    The thermostats were wired to the wrong heaters. That was easily fixed.
  • Solid_Fuel_Man
    Solid_Fuel_Man Member Posts: 2,645
    We actually do similar to what Dan did in schools. DDC in each room to replace pneumatic or electric thermostats and valves. We usually order the "room temp monitors" with dials and numbers. The super then sets all the classrooms to a unifors temp and the teachers still get to play with the dial, even though it is not programmed to do anything. Everyone is happy.
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    Jean-David Beyer
  • DanHolohan
    DanHolohan Member, Moderator, Administrator Posts: 16,436
    This is why I majored in Sociology.
    Retired and loving it.
  • Solid_Fuel_Man
    Solid_Fuel_Man Member Posts: 2,645
    edited July 2017
    I still can't sleep well if it's hot and humid. Spolied american!
    Serving Northern Maine HVAC & Controls. I burn wood, it smells good!
  • NY_Rob
    NY_Rob Member Posts: 1,370
    It's kind of funny that people complain it's cold when it's 70F at work in the winter... but they keep their house at 62F because oil is expensive.
  • ChrisJ
    ChrisJ Member Posts: 15,168
    edited July 2017
    If it's hot and humid, I'm miserable, it doesn't matter where I am.
    This is why people often comment about me running air conditioning in March or November. :)

    What my neighbors do is their business, not mine and I often go out of my way to keep it that way.
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    EBEBRATT-Ed Member Posts: 14,560
    Humidity has a large effect on comfort in combination with temperature
  • Big Ed_4
    Big Ed_4 Member Posts: 2,541
    edited July 2017
    Yes comfort is an balance between humidity % and temperature ..

    Do you notice once someone installs central air the windows never open again ... You have to make over tonight the AC is broken .. It's a beautiful 65* evening ? Open the windows ..

    My AC iced up .. It's 50* outside , why are you using the AC .. I was feeling warm

    It's cold in here , I always leave the thermostat set for 70* but now in February I feel cold ..Do you remember Grandma use to put pots of water on the radiators ?

    The AC needs service .. The temperature would not drop inside below 75* and I have it set for 65* ... Well it's 95* outside , You may not get any more out of the system , But how do you feel ? Good but It should get what I Set it for !

    Don't give me an thermostat will buttons .. I like levers and knobs ... We used to get this years back with the WWII generation ...

    I don't know the thermostat seem to have an mind of it own ? Just press hold , But while I am here what temperature do you normally set it for and what times ? I never use that part I raise and lower it by myself ... Yes I know but give me an idea what and when ..

    The heat is not working ? All you have to do is raise it from 65* up until you feel more comfortable ... Oh no my late husband Howard made it an rule do not to touch the thermostat . Well you lived an full life, don't you think fuel is cheaper then doctor bills ..

    This new electronic thermostat is not as good as the old original one ... Why ? I have it set for 65* and it feels much. cooler in here ... Howard would not raise it past 65* ... Don't you remember we calibrated the old one to get 70* but showing 65* years back ? Howard will turn over in his grave , can you calibrate this new one ?

    It's cold in here .. Where is the thermostat ? The landlord installed it down in the locked boiler room ..

    The upstairs bedrooms are too hot ... Where is the thermostat ? It's in the hallway outside the bedrooms..

    The bedrooms are cold .. Where is the thermostat ? It's in the living room next to the new wood burning stove ..

    The thermostat is not working , See I have it set for 72* and it only reads 70* .. Well from that angle it may like 70* but look straight on it reads more like 71* .And take in the account of an built in 4* degree diff.

    No heat .. Are you sure lady it feels very warm in here. ... Yes I raised it to 75* but it still reads 63* .... Let me clean out the spider nest in here for you ..

    See this new thermostat is not working , the thermometer on the wall next to it different .. I remember that thermometer , My Mom received it in the mail from the Indian children's fund .. I don't see that anymore .. I guess it's better to run Casinos .....

    I have enough experience to know , that I dont know it all
  • DanHolohan
    DanHolohan Member, Moderator, Administrator Posts: 16,436
    Ed, you always make me smile.
    Retired and loving it.
  • BobC
    BobC Member Posts: 5,432
    @Big Ed This is for those that are leery about buttons -





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  • ratio
    ratio Member Posts: 3,553
    Ha! Ain't read that in a while.
  • cnmdesign
    cnmdesign Member Posts: 103
    edited November 2017
    Ausgezeichnet :D Took me a little to figure I was not reading German. Lived there seven years.
    As for the question, What's the right room temperature?
    Who's Grandmother makes the best cookies?
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  • STEVEusaPA
    STEVEusaPA Member Posts: 6,386
    Great article! I always get a kick out of people and temperature. I always see in the late fall, the temperature goes to a high of only 50 degrees. People have jeans, jackets, and maybe even a scarf-and are shivering and complaining of the cold.
    In February, after the deep cold, you get a freak day where the temp is up to 50, and you see people w/ t shirts and some with shorts-"It's so warm".
  • Jamie Hall
    Jamie Hall Member Posts: 22,182
    Except, Dan, it's not "majority rules" but "wife rules"...
    Br. Jamie, osb
    Building superintendent/caretaker, 7200 sq. ft. historic house museum with dependencies in New England
  • DanHolohan
    DanHolohan Member, Moderator, Administrator Posts: 16,436
    Good stuff, guys. lol
    Retired and loving it.