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Weil-Mclain Gas boiler insertion repair kit


What has been done to prevent the screws in this kit from breaking again due to the intense heat from boiler? I own WM Ultra Gas Boiler. In November 2014 the bolts on cone broke off a second time when attempting to remove cone to service boiler. Now the burner is un-serviceable again. The bolts first broke when service was attempted February 1, 2014. The heat ex changer access cover was replaced at my expense on February 17, 2014.
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  • Tim McElwainTim McElwain Posts: 4,181Member
    Who is doing the service on the boiler? Have them contact your local Weil-McLain dealer for assitance.
  • Jean-David BeyerJean-David Beyer Posts: 2,581Member
    If it is the access cover bolts to the heat exchanger, my Ultra 3 gas boiler instruction manual is very specific as to the order the bolts are to be tightened, and the prescribed torque to use. IIRC, it is 50 pound-inches. Not 50 pound-feet that may be appropriate for spark plugs in an aluminum cylinder head. I have never met a technician with the required torque wrench. In fact, I have never met one with any torque wrench.

    N.B.: I am not a heating technician, so my experience may not be a statistically significant sample.
  • Brp814Brp814 Posts: 21Member
    Having serviced a few Ultra boilers, I have never broken the bolts holding the cover on. However the three screws holding the burner to the backside of the cover, I have broken a few. This was mainly due to rust. A couple of squirts of WD-40 and letting it sit on the screws helps to loosen them up. You may need a new cover, unless you can get the broken bolts out of the cover.
  • kcoppkcopp Posts: 3,297Member
    Can you use some never size before you place the bolts back in?
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