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pex distribution on potable water.

jonny88 Member Posts: 1,139
Ok so what is the real answer.Since plumbers in my area have been using pex they refuse to use a homerun system.They run 3/4 and 1/2 inch pex.When I look at the fittings the ID of a 3/4 pex fitting equals the ID of 1/2 inch pex.Am I wrong but wont this cause tremendous restrictions on water volume to fixtures.I rather use copper but price wise its getting harder so I use a homerun with pex but they tell me I am going overboard.How do you guys install it?.


  • SWEI
    SWEI Member Posts: 7,356
    Uponor Logic. Just wish they would offer fittings for 3/8" PEX.
  • jonny88
    jonny88 Member Posts: 1,139
    Thanks @Swei I will check it out.You use home runs I gather.
  • SWEI
    SWEI Member Posts: 7,356
    It's a branch system, but they have multi-port EP fittings that make it easy to pipe a bath or kitchen using a lot less parts.
  • jonny88
    jonny88 Member Posts: 1,139
    Thanks Hatt,thats what I am running into long runs of pex feeding showers with body sprays etc.Thats my main concern.
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  • billyboy
    billyboy Member Posts: 152
    No recirculation shown @ Uponor Logic
  • Harvey Ramer
    Harvey Ramer Member Posts: 2,215
    Around these parts, we don't allow pex tee and branch distribution method. That is specifically with the insert crimp fittings. The uponor method is fine. Larger bore in the fittings, less pressure drop.

    Download the pex install manual and check out the pressure drop of the insert fittings. It's huge. About 5 or 6 times the loss of copper.
    Ramer Mechanical
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  • jonny88
    jonny88 Member Posts: 1,139
    Thanks Harvey
  • j a_2
    j a_2 Member Posts: 1,796
    Home run with manifold, but like you I don't like it....worse yet CPVC...Don't even like pro press....Maybe old school, but I guess if I were still in competitive business I would have to entertain the new yuppie stuff.....
  • SWEI
    SWEI Member Posts: 7,356
    jonny88 said:

    long runs of pex feeding showers with body sprays etc. That's my main concern.

    Do the math. Uponor PDAM has all the numbers, but this is faster.
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