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what would best options for heat be on straights of macinaw?

I have a good friend building a new home on the north sides of the Straights of Macinaw.  He has had some radiant elec. floor heating installed in some of the new home,  but was told that it would not be effective in heating the entire house.  It was suggested he purchase a heat pump with backup electric heat.   I completly disagree with the heat pump as the winters there are horrible.  Natural gas is not an option.  I'm thinking no heat pump,  just use electric heat.   He has to get an a/c installed anyway, so why couldn't they just put the electric heating elements in his furnace?   He doesn't want propane either because of the tank and the room on the property.   Someone else suggested baseboard heating through a boiler.   Any suggestions?     Obviously whatever he does he will need to have good insulation all over and he will have to install a humidifier if he's using electric heat too.    Any suggestions would be appreciated.



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