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American Standard boiler water flow direction

JamesTJamesT Posts: 7Member

I have a forced hot water America Standardl 1BSE J1 with a Taco 007 pump located on the bottom left ( facing boiler) which is pumping water upthe line instead of into the bottom of the boiler. I always thought this was a return line.Which way should the water flow?


  • Tim McElwainTim McElwain Posts: 4,225Member
    A picture would help so

    we give you the correct information.
  • JamesTJamesT Posts: 7Member
    edited November 2013
    Pics of system

    Ok Tim, Here you go. This is circa 1970 unit that has been down for 5+ yrs. The pipe above the circulator is cut...i removed a frozen shutoff valve. The arrow on the green Taco pump is pointing up.
  • Tim McElwainTim McElwain Posts: 4,225Member
    The arrow would be pointing in the direction of flow

    so the best I can tell from the picture it is on the supply side of the boiler. Is there other piping returning to the boiler?
  • JamesTJamesT Posts: 7Member
    Pic of lines

    On the top of the boiler there are 2 lines going in: the return line and a cold water feed line. (both marked with the arrows). The expansion tank is located on the return line also.
  • JamesTJamesT Posts: 7Member
    Adding a vent

    I'm also going to add a vent to aid in bleeding the system. What ype and location do you recommend?
  • since

    Since the boiler is disconneted.. might as well repipe it correctly with the pump on the supply side,
  • JamesTJamesT Posts: 7Member
    By re-pipe

    you mean turn the pump around? I was taught that cooler water, the return line, was pumped into the bottom of the boiler and the Hot water supply emanated from the top. This is so the pump wasn't subjected to super hot water and therefore damaging and/or reducing the life of the pump.
  • SWEISWEI Posts: 7,356Member
    edited November 2013
    Moving the pump to the boiler output

    was the suggestion.  Turning it around in its current location was not implied.

    The current arrangement is a good match for the minimal head loss and fixed high temperatures of a cast iron boiler.  There are also applications of certain mod/cons where pumping into the boiler is advisable.

    Pumping away from the expansion tank is the critical part.
  • JamesTJamesT Posts: 7Member
    Still not sure...

    Should the water flow be coming from top of boiler and out the bottom or from the bottom and out of the top? Is the Taco pump in the correct location?
  • JamesTJamesT Posts: 7Member

    Bumping ......anyone familiar with the proper layout of this older system?
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