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Boiler Help

Eaton Member Posts: 1
Hello everyone,

I'm new to hydronic heating. Just bought my first house and trying to figure out my gas fired boiler.  I'm replacing

- Fast fill valve ( its leaking )

- Expansion tank ( full of water )

- Air scoop (figured I'd do that too)

- 1 of (3) Taco Zones ( will not open unless done manually )

I am capable of repairing but what I would like to know if everything is in the right place. Why replace parts if its not placed the correct way? I've read to many opinions with everyone piping things differently. Heres a few pics. If someone could tell me if my expansion tank / circulator / and air scoop are in the right areas it would be GREATLY appreciated.

ALSO, is it normal for a circulator pump to run continusouly. Even when the boiler is not on. My system is a 3 zone.


  • Zman
    Zman Member Posts: 7,435

    Your piping layout looks OK. Unless ugly is a crime.

    Your circulator should run when there is a call for heat and a zone valve is open. It is normal for it to run when the boiler is cycling,
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  • Rich_49
    Rich_49 Member Posts: 2,709
    edited August 2013

    may want to invest in a better quality air eliminator like a Caleffi or Taco .  I would configure the Air eliminator where it is , make up water entering below it into the bottom port and Expansion tank below that , and place the circ to the system side of those items .  You may also think about moving the zone valves to the supply side , this will eliminate any migration into zones not calling .
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  • MikeL_2
    MikeL_2 Member Posts: 395

    The expansion tank should never be installed upside down, and moving it and the fill valve as Rich has suggested will improve your systems performance. I would also relocate the circulator to pump away from the expansion tank.
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