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Homeowner angry at Viesmann

Derheatmeister Member Posts: 1,528
Triangle tube has a very nice "Service man's kit" I've used it the other night on a midnight call.It is worth every penny for the Grand that i payed for this kit, The customer had heat in not time (Blower was broke)This was on a Saturday after they came from the ski slopes, so no part's until Monday or Tuesday .... I've asked The big "B" on multiple occasions and the answer was that they do not see being able to sell this for the American market>>> Too expensive<<<. so even i do not sell there product anymore. i still have a blower and some Small parts.As per the baxi I've made my own Kit.Well and as i said before i have one Viessman....one TT...and One Baxi Luna as spear boilers in a "Display Trailer".Because that is what i do....Sell/Service comfort systems ... The Heatmeister.


  • Bob_41
    Bob_41 Member Posts: 28
    Viesmann parts problem

    Interesting read:


    What are other contrcators finding with parts availability?

  • Derheatmeister
    Derheatmeister Member Posts: 1,528

    Bob,this issue has been discussed before, I am finding that there is a lack or disinterest coming from some of the Manufactures/Distribution companies in the Heating industrie!!! As per viessmann and Triangle Tube, i've not had any mayor problems. I think that some Manuf.(and i am not naming them.since they have not P... me off so much anymore ,And i am no longer installing there Product!) Need to think about the supply and distr. of "Their"spare parts!ALL THEY WANT TO DO IS SALE LOTS OF BOILERS ! Maybe they need to look at the automotive industry The spare parts supply works pretty good on their side! AS per now the way to handle this is to Buy a "Spare boiler" as a parts Robbing boiler and it also can be a training/Sales tool, That's what i am doing for now with the boilers that i like ,Support, Service and Install. Good Luck with the Dead Capital around the shop, At least you are supporting the customer on a Saturday Night. Just pass the buck on. Diff. your self from all the"None supporting Installers". And the good word will spread! Richard from Heatmeister.
  • 2 face cords of wood in three days' time?

    Seems the truth gets stretched a wee bit.
  • Derheatmeister
    Derheatmeister Member Posts: 1,528

    Yes maybe it was Stretched a bit or the house is Loose.Or the fire place is a bad Design ,Who knows? The thing is that the End user of this Boiler is P.O. and you cannot blame them for that,I would be too. But then again you can also look at the "Non supporting Orig. Installer".IF this happened on a Friday at 18:00 .Then he still would have to wait until Monday to order the part. Maybe have it that day or the next day,SOOOO regardless the Customer would be with out heat and HOT H2O for at least 3 to 4 days because he(The Orig.installer) is to "Cheap" to stock that gasv.!!!Think about it and i bet that there are some Service Industries that can preform in a "Jiffy" i.e. Emergency Service.EMT'S. Police. Electrical comp.like Conedison.BTW Did someones life depend on it?I guess it is up to us to stock the parts for the boiler's that we Support!!Think about it! Richard from Heatmeister. HM.
  • ScottMP
    ScottMP Member Posts: 5,884
    I have

    never allowed a customer to go that long with out heat ??

    Something is not right here.

    Maybe over night .... never three or four days.


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  • jp_2
    jp_2 Member Posts: 1,935
    ship via airlines

    when it was critical to have parts, we'd run parts to the airport so the customer could have parts in hours across the country.
  • Derheatmeister
    Derheatmeister Member Posts: 1,528

    Scott.Good for you and you Customers!!That means that you are supporting the products that you install.That's great! HM.

  • Most often this is the fault of the distributor/wholesaler. They don't make the parts investment but also, don’t make the effort to find out which to carry because manufacturers aren’t to clear on what’s needed or been superseded lately.

    The rest falls on the contractor, and their equipment choices made. That’s why it makes sense to stick to favorite brand and make a valiant attempt to stock common parts for the units.

    Example-Those of you that like and installed the Prestige for example, how many of you have their parts briefcase on hand?
  • Dave Stroman
    Dave Stroman Member Posts: 765

    When I started installing mod/cons, a local supplier put together a "tool box" of all the usual repair parts for that brand of boiler. They teamed with the manufacturer and gave a good deal if you bought the whole kit. I always carry it in my truck. I have have to use a fan switch, ignitor, ignition control, and one time the main control. It was an easy fix and was so glad to have the part on hand. The kit also has the blower, gas valve, all the gaskets, even a wiring harness. I have never had to use them. There is nothing worse for me to get a call after hours about a boiler that is down, and know that I do not have the repair parts. I am now adding another boiler line and will pick up the kit for that one also.

    Dave Stroman, Denver
    Dave Stroman
  • Derheatmeister
    Derheatmeister Member Posts: 1,528
    Home depot emp.

    Not only do i have the " Service man's Kit".I have a Spare 110 Prestige at the Shop.DITTO that in the Viessmann and the Baxi luna. And many,many $$$ invested in "Common" spare parts for other boilers To.!!
  • Justin_8
    Justin_8 Member Posts: 6
    agree to disagree

    i agree with what you other guys are saying. How Ever i am a heating distributor in new hampshire that sells Viessmann and Can tell you first hand Unless something is Next Day Aired Viessmann takes 2-3 to ship out/and a day or two to ship any parts. So In emergancy how do you exspect a distributor to stock all the parks for everyboiler, no to mention with today economy its almost impossible. You can only stock so much.
  • ditto

    That's why we maintain an inventory of small room heaters to loan out if parts aren't available. I understand the frustration those folks experienced and even if only half of it is 100% factual, it's still an unacceptable set of circumstances. However, reading between the lines, it seems like just about everyone involved dropped the ball.

  • turn ratio

    Round here, local wholesale houses pay a penalty for any items in their inventory that don't "turn". One of the primary reasons why we get frustrated by the lack of parts they stock.
  • Justin_8
    Justin_8 Member Posts: 6

    Ya for us anything that doesnt sell gos into what we call IOV or Inventory Over Valvue and we pay a penlty to the bak every month!
  • John Starcher_4
    John Starcher_4 Member Posts: 794
    And that's why.....

    ....wholesalers should be run by fomer field guys instead of bean counters!
  • Justin_8
    Justin_8 Member Posts: 6

    The purchasing agent Yes should come from the field but with counterguys exsperience is a plus.

  • In one point you are saying Viessmann is slow in shipping out, yet you don't stock either. Lose-Lose situation there.

    All equipment will have problems, DOA's and defects.
    The most important part of a distributors choice in carrying a HVAC line is to support the equipment. Let's face it too many times they focus in on the equipment, but in the end the equipment sellers that make the small additional investment in parts will win the contractors loyalty.

    Everything has it's limits and and I understand some distributors are small and cannot afford to but, then their other services best be exemplary.
  • Justin_8
    Justin_8 Member Posts: 6

    THat is def great to have cause it only can help in the long run. we have a riello kit i think everyone should have. due to riello parts being all of there own!
  • Justin_8
    Justin_8 Member Posts: 6

    I agree totally but in the market up here we sell the VR1 oil boilers that really it for Viessman because alot of contractors out there are not update to understand most of what viessman offers. Not to mention the Economy bein Horrid homeowerns cant afford the best. I sell a ton of baxi's though
  • won't name names, but

    one mfgr agreed to fully stock a favorite wholesaler with parts and take it all back with full credit for 24-hours to get past the been-countin inventory turn-penalties. Paper transfer. If it ain't in inventory there ain't no steenkin penalties(G).

    Anudder one provided the initial inventory of replacement parts on consignment.
  • Steve Eayrs_2
    Steve Eayrs_2 Member Posts: 56
    somethings wrong with the picture!

    When talking about Veissmann, I have found their response is the best. Always a direct line to a tech if we're stumped, and we can expect parts, if needed, at our door with a day, or two at the most.
    Of course its air freight, up here thats to be expected. And the more complex the parts on any of these systems, the more chances you will not find them in a local parts store. We don't have a local store anyway. Closest place is 80 miles up the road.
    Keep what we can in stock, but count on the excellent services of companies like Veissmann to respond fast. If your a valid contractor you have access to a direct line w/ Veissmann, and won't be waiting for some counter guy somewhere to get it thru his regular slow system.
    There plenty of companies I could mention that could warrant some complaining about tech and parts support, but not Veissmann.

  • Doesn't say,,,

    If the "local HVAC contractor" was the original installer. If not I wouldn't expect them to have the valve. If I was the homeowner I would have been on the phone looking for another contractor in the area that specializes in Viessman and maybe even has the part in stock. There could have very well been one hanging around in the local area at some other shop.

    Meanwhile, I've got a restaurant that hasn't had heat in the kitchen for over a week now. They're fighting with the landlord over who pays the bill. Friday afternoon, 2:30, still waiting for a decision. Yes, they have all my electric heaters...

    Hope nobody elses heat goes out, I'll have to buy more heaters. LOL!
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    Robert Davison

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    Kensington, MD United States 20895

    Cell Phone: (240) 793 - 0329

    Email Address: greaterdepths@gmail.com

    What is your beef with Viessmann, you have never posted before on this site. If you want to promote your website, pay to advertize like the rest of us!
  • DJ_5
    DJ_5 Member Posts: 4
    Classic Viessmann Attitude

    After reading the posting I have to agree with the Homeowner. It was not just the fact that the parts were impossible to get or that there was miscommunication throughout the process, it was the fact that Viessmann does not condesend to speak to a homeowner. I understand if that is an inside company policy, but its not something you TELL to the homeowner!! If they had been apathetic and explained things properly it would have been much easier to swallow. I have dealt with Viessmann for quite some time and they are arrogant, rude, and unresponsive.
  • Tombig_4
    Tombig_4 Member Posts: 45
    For Those Who Speak German

    Sie sind ein alberner Godemich
  • Paul Pollets
    Paul Pollets Member Posts: 3,656

    I've been doing Viessmann boilers for 15 years. Nobody beats their tech services. Any parts that aren't locally stocked, we receive overnight. The boiler parts (other than the HX) are warranted for 2 years. The gas valve should have been installed with a replacement part provided by Viessmann, free of charge, providing the RGA form was filled out by the contractor. That the homeowner would set up a website bashing Viessmann is in very poor taste. I've had far more difficult warranty problems with other manufacturers.

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  • Jim_65
    Jim_65 Member Posts: 184

    is Klassisch!
  • JackR
    JackR Member Posts: 125

    The big V is far easy to deal with, the one thing I learned in dealing with them is that they are never wrong. It was always someone else's fault when something failed, always. Never again will I go towards the light.
  • Constantin
    Constantin Member Posts: 3,796
    Allow me to disagree...

    ... I have dealt with Viessmann as a HO on a number of occasions, including instances where Ed and I needed help re: diagnosing an issue we were having when we were servicing the Vitola together. The gentleman on the other end of the line had no idea who we were, whether we'd had any training, etc. But it was very apparent that he was not reading off a script, he was very polite, and we resolved our question in little time.

    When I compare my experience with Viessmann I feel downright spoiled. I spent an hour today on the phone with Logitech over a bad software implementation that failed to work on my computer. In the end, they had to admit that their Java implementation was bad (i.e. bad QC) followed by admitting that their "updating" mechanism was bad also since it tried to break the security rules imposed by the OS.

    So, while I feel for the HO who went without heat for 132 hours, all equipment can and will break. If it happens to be a weekend, then regardless of brand, you might find yourself in a pickle. As a contractor, you're stock is only as good as your suppliers'. If the supplier does not keep stock, then it's up to you to do so. Yes, it costs money. Yes, it's money tied up. But if it saves one customer relationship, it was worth the money.
  • Steve Eayrs_2
    Steve Eayrs_2 Member Posts: 56
    couldn't dissagree more....

    Veissmann has possibly the best tech support and response time on parts of any company out there. Makes me wonder what the real problem is.
  • Derheatmeister
    Derheatmeister Member Posts: 1,528
    wat zur hoelle is dat

    Hey Pete,
    meinste jeder kann dein kauderwelch verstehen???
    Wo kommst denn Du her?? what fuer ein dorf spricht denn diese sprache?? Wie waere es mit ein bisschen Hochdeutsch ???
    Mann wohnt doch in einer guten Nachbarschaft.
    Hoch lebe Viessmann, Graevenwiesbach und Koelle..
    OK ok....sorry, nur ein kleiner Scherz am Rande!
  • DJ_5
    DJ_5 Member Posts: 4

    This was fun, I have never posted on here before, and didnt think much of my comments, until I got home to check my email, and discovered people cared about my comment. Lots of fun. Anyway, I understand ALL equipment breaks, and I know that some of Viessmanns guys are really good, (The Canadians) but the attitude is just annoying after a while. It is a superior product in general, just wish their staff didnt feel superior too. I hope to read alot more and post more on "The Wall"

  • Brad White_185
    Brad White_185 Member Posts: 265
    I Hate (Fill-in-the-blank).com

    The originator of that site could have inserted any name and had a similar story.... anything mechanical can fail.

    Personally, I find Viessmann to be a superior product and their service as good as anyone's, better than most. Add to this their training, allowing an owner to maximize their benefit.

    The comment about $90 for firewood used over 132 hours in conjunction with space heater output tells me that there are other issues if not an agenda at work here.

    I don't think Joan of Arc whined that much on the stake....

    My $0.02

  • Good one!

    "I don't think Joan of Arc whined that much on the stake...." LOL, couldn't have said it better myself!

    Also good to hear a few dissenting opinions as I believe I'll be working with Viessmann more closely in the near future.

  • Todd S_7
    Todd S_7 Member Posts: 4

    I tried to call the CEO of Ford because I needed a part for my car. I found it was bad on a Friday when I was leaving for a trip. I had to rent a car and he wouldn't call me back.
  • That SOB!

    I'd complain...
  • Todd S_7
    Todd S_7 Member Posts: 4
    I hear you

    Its like that other time the I had a light bulb burnout and the CEO of GE wouldn't call me back. I called demanding to speak to someone higher up and I wanted a warranty!
    I ended up burning candles for a week while I was waiting for a new light bulb. None of the local stores had them in stock and the sparky I was dealing with didn't have them either, he said that to keep his overhead down he couldn't possibly stock things like this.
  • Derheatmeister
    Derheatmeister Member Posts: 1,528

    Mike D yes i can agree with that to. but also we are in the Service industrie which means that Especially when something goes wrong with one of the systems that we installed we should be there to fix it.Which means that we Support Viessmann (In this Chase).So i Just Stock one or two "Spare Boilers" that: #1 I use as a Trainings tool. #2 As a Sales Tool. #3 As a emergency heating unit in a trailer. #4 As a parts Boiler. I also do this with the two other boilers that i Support (Triangle and Baxi luna).That means that if anything ,and i mean anything goes wrong with one of my boilers i will have the part available that Fri night not on Monday! Just think about it this way : you get stuck on the side of the road ,A tow truck comes and does not tow you out of there because he has to order a chain first to hook you up . It's Friday so he cannot get the chain until Monday. Monday comes around the chain is not Available localy so they order it!. The chain arrives the next day. then he tows you out of there. to make thing's worse you where on Vac. with your Fam. going across the USA. stuck in a small town. not at the Grand canyon."Do you think this towing comp. should be in business with out a chain? some thing applies to some "Heating" Contractors.!I am not saying everybody should go thru the extremes of having a spare boiler ! but at least inform your self of which parts it is that you should have on your truck .. I also have Common spare parts for Common boilers..Lot's of Honeywell. Just think about it! Richard from Heatmeister.
  • Derheatmeister
    Derheatmeister Member Posts: 1,528

    Paul, what about" why I love/like Viessmann.com or "Got Viessmann"? . Or since the older boilers were Orange: Oraange you glad you have heat?

  • You couldn't possibly burn two cords of wood in five days in a fireplace. It doesn't burn fast enough to do that. A cord of wood is a lot: we used to burn 4 cord A WINTER as primary heat in an old, leaky farmhouse.

    that said, at the end of the article he says he burned "$90" of firewood, which is a lot less than two cord.
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