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Re-install / re-conditioning of old cast baseboards

woobagooba Member Posts: 103
edited April 25 in THE MAIN WALL
Folks. We are nearing the point where we will re-install about 100 feet of Snug 9 which was drained / removed for renovation / re-pipe. Full new boiler system re-using the old Snugs. Concern is to not foul the new system (circulators, boiler, etc.) with crud from the old Snugs. We do have a hydraulic separator between the boiler and circulator loop.

Wondering what is best practice for reconditioning the Snugs. For example, a test water fill and drain ran bright red, no doubt from internal oxidation. What best practices should we be following?


    EBEBRATT-Ed Member Posts: 9,104
    Just flush them with water if you can. Cast Iron is pretty tough even if you don't flush them it will be fine
  • EdTheHeaterMan
    EdTheHeaterMan Member Posts: 2,172
    edited April 25
    You may want to water pressure test to 40 or 50 PSI and check for leaks. I assume that is why the water was used and then flushed. But just saying, filling with water and an actual pressure test are two different things. it is easier to fix a leak before it is on the wall and all piped into the system.

    If there are any sections that are longer than 10 feet, and you moved it a significant distance away or they got jostled during renovations, well let's just say I have had to remove a push nipple and replace it once before. Not fun to find out after you turn the heater on and the hot water is flowing thru the radiators.
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