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NTI or Triangle Tube boiler

Mosherd1 Member Posts: 6
I know it’s not to look at the brand of the boiler, but it’s all about the install.  I have found an installer that I trust 100%, and have used before.  We’re needing to replace a couple Munchkin boilers in the farm shop for radiant in slab heat. He carries both NTI and Triangle Tube Boilers.  Can someone give me pros and cons of either one?  It will be two 150,000 btu boilers and a heat loss was done 15 years ago when the building was built.  The two boilers will be set up in a rotating lead/lag with both running when the other can’t keep up. 


  • Zman
    Zman Member Posts: 6,590
    The answer will depend a bit on your region. Here in the Rockies, Triangle Tube came into the market about 15-20 years ago and absolutely dominated it. They had a fantastic training program and excellent support, their boilers were state of the art. About 8 years ago they underwent some management changes, shut down the training centers, and started falling behind on the tech and R&D side. Their turndown ratio's and support are now sub-par in my opinion. In this region, Lochinvar quickly filled that void.

    We don't see much NTI product here, They do have excellent turndown ratios, and contractors I know on the East coast absolutely swear by them.

    I don't think either brand would be a bad choice, I think I would go with NTI. The high turndown ratios will allow the boiler to closely match the load resulting in higher efficiency and better longevity.

    "If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough"
    Albert Einstein
  • STEVEusaPA
    STEVEusaPA Member Posts: 5,006
    There is an NTI expert on the board...Where ya at Wheels?
  • Tom_133
    Tom_133 Member Posts: 738
    I fully agree with Zman on the Triangle Tube situation. I struggled with the cost of their parts especially boards early on, then that smoothed out. I now install NTI because all the wholesalers around me carry them and that makes getting my hands on parts rather easy. They also have pretty good customer service. Oh also I installed a NTI boiler that didnt run out the box, it turned out to be a loose ground in a connector so it was simple fix but tricky to figure out. NTI kicked me back all the money needed to troubleshoot and some pain and suffering. I thought that was pretty stand up.
    Montpelier Vt
  • psb75
    psb75 Member Posts: 369
    Sounds to me like "Ford or Chevy" kind of question.
    But really it's "Canada or NJ"?
    Canadians are nice folks.
  • Steve_Wheels
    Steve_Wheels Member Posts: 20
    Not really Canadian vs USA... Triangle Tube really made in NJ? I know for a fact that NTI is made in Saint John New Brunswick Canada. Manufacturing since 1967, condensing/Modulating boilers since 2000. Best customer service of ANY boiler manufacture I have been associated with in the past 48 years... enough so I joined the company 11 years ago to become the Mid-Atlantic Regional Sales Manager. TT & NTI ARE both very good boilers, I do consider NTI a step above. The TFT series is nearly bullet proof, the sola control (which NTI developed with Honeywell) is the most reliable on the market. IMHO the sola is also the BEST Lead/Follow cascade control on the market. The latest NTI boiler, the FTVN series, is based on NTI's own electronics with WiFi built in, great for remote access by contractors and proven for the past two years to be very strong also (and great for cascading also). Personally I installed a TFT154 with a S40 indirect water heater in my son's house to keep my grandchildren warm. FYI - 100% of every NTI boiler is run, tested and calibrated at the factory. Great support. Great product. Easy to acquire parts.
  • BillyO
    BillyO Member Posts: 272
    IMO, NTI
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