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1 Stupid Noisy Steam Radiator

Dooverdixon Member Posts: 40
So I have a 1 pipe system and i've been slowly getting up to snuff. I've got boat loads of main venting, i've got the pressure to go no higher than 0.5 psi, I've got a timer to limit run time and off times, ive got all new rad vents on the whole system. Overall the system runs awesome, well balanced and pretty evenly heated.....except this one stupid radiator (in our master bedroom of course). Its loud, hissy, pressure building mess.

I've tried all the vents, Hoffman 40, 1A, and how there's a huge gordon on there (c or d, i forget). Anyway, none of these seems the fix the issue, just change the pitch of the noise. The other radiator on this riser (its bigger and upstairs) works fine, no noise and heats well. There's only two things that i can think of that explain this. 1, issue with radiator itself (clogged?), or this piping is a problem. Obviously the piping sucks, but replacing it is going to be a nightmare, ripping out flooring and subfloor. I'd like some experts to weigh in on what i should do.

All the piping here is 1" including the valve. I thought maybe i would replace the two 90's with 2 45's? the other option is to upgrade to 1.25" pipe, but that will not be fun as the bushings are all below floor line and god knows how old and rusted together.


  • Dooverdixon
    Dooverdixon Member Posts: 40
    edited February 12
    i wanted to add this because its adds to the lunacy. This is the piping for the exact same size radiator in another bedroom on the same floor. the horizonal pipe going into the wall feeds another radiator (a little bit smaller) in adjacent room. Both heat just fine no noise. Same size pipe, same crappy 90's, same valve, same size radiator!

    i know the galv isnt fantastic, but its working and i have bigger fish to fry :)
  • pecmsg
    pecmsg Member Posts: 2,014
    Have you put a level on the rad? Raise the far side legs 1/4"!
  • Dooverdixon
    Dooverdixon Member Posts: 40
    pecmsg said:

    Have you put a level on the rad? Raise the far side legs 1/4"!

    fantastic idea...unfortunately, i tried it already :(. Thanks though!
  • bburd
    bburd Member Posts: 180
    I assume the supply valve is fully open. I would suggest checking to see if the valve disc has become detached and dropped down onto the seat, which can cause the symptoms you are experiencing; but the valve looks fairly new so that is unlikely.

    You might have a pipe size problem. It looks like the riser serves multiple radiators. There are pipe capacity charts in “the lost art of steam heating”. 

  • mattmia2
    mattmia2 Member Posts: 3,156
    Did you put a level on both the radiator and that valve and fittings? It looks like the floor runs downhill from that fitting in the floor toward the radiator. You might need to raise the whole radiator to get that nipple and valve pitched right. Also check that the valve is open and there is no debris in yhe radiator or pipe section.
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