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Lighting a Coleman 25A floor furnace

A neighbor asked me to light her furnace. I used to have floor furnaces 50 years ago so I figured I could help. It turned out to be much larger than mine (49,000 BTU)and lights differently. I'm not sure how. I crawled through the crawl space under the house while I had her hold the gas control over the blue dot (per instructions). I saw the underside of the pilot from the side, but couldn't get a good look because there's only a few inches of space under the furnace. I held a butane lighter as close as I could get, but nothing lit. I didn't hear a hiss or smell gas. Thinking about it later, it occurred to me that, perhaps, the pilot lights from the inside. There's a cap on top of a hole in the middle of the plenum. With a 2-foot long match I could reach an inside pilot light. I'd have to do it by feel because I can't see that far over.


  • EdTheHeaterMan
    EdTheHeaterMan Member Posts: 2,529
    They do light from inside. When it was new, there was a 2ft long wire with a small coil at the end that was designed to hold a match. Sometimes if it is not long ago lost, it's in the cabinet somewhere near the lighting instructions attached to the appliance,

    Edward Young
    Retired HVAC Contractor from So. Jersey Shore.
    Cleaned & services first oil heating system at age 16
  • ArthurPeabody
    ArthurPeabody Member Posts: 5
    She still has it: it's in the furnace box. We didn't know what it was. Thanks.