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What is normal flow rate for infloor radiant?

I have recently replaced our old boiler with a 120k btu combi-boiler. The circ pump was also replaced with a Grundfos pump. Our home is 2000sf and we have 5 zones. The combiboiler burns propane. The new boiler seems very efficient, as my propane usage is greatly reduced. But I notice that the circ pump (in autoadapt mode) is only pumping 1gpm if one zone is calling for heat; 2 gpm if 2 zones are running, and so on. I’m a novice, so I’m wondering if that amount of flow is correct/normal? It doesn’t seem like a lot. I’m noticing that the zone farthest from the boiler is not getting very warm (it did before the upgrades). I suspect that by the time the water reaches this zone, it has cooled down. Looking for advice please.


  • Zman
    Zman Member Posts: 7,355
    I would not put a ton of faith in the circulators estimated GPM, in reality it is probably +/- 30%.
    As far as flow rates go, the correct flow rate depends on a few variables. Most residential systems perform well with a flow rate > .5 GPM per loop.
    I have found the autoadapt feature to be problematic in when used in radiant systems. CP2 or CP3 usually works better.
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