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Identify this variety of pulley?

Motorapido Member Posts: 242
OK, not specific to heatinghelp, although I could pretend I want to use this pulley to suspend a piece of steam pipe for temporary storage. Anyhow, I figure many on this forum will know the answer. Can anybody identify the type/category/name of the pulley in the attached photo?

The pulley in the photo is one piece of a multi-part hoist system for hanging kayaks on garage rafters. I have several small, light-weight items I would like to hang from my garage rafters -- only 5 pounds or so each. I don't want to buy the entire kayak hanging system just to get one of these pulleys with the built in bale that locks the rope when you pull the rope at an angle. I want to hang each of my lightweight items on its own little pulley. So simplicity is the key, rather than overkilling and buying multiple kayak hanging or bicycle hanging systems, which use this variety of pulley among their component parts. I have searched all over Google using terms like locking pulley, pulley with rope brake, etc. and I cannot seem to find this type of pulley without buying the multi-piece kayak hanging system. The advantage of this system to me is that unlike with a regular pulley, I would not need to tie off the rope after hoisting the item. I could just use the built-in rope brake mechanism. Any suggestions on the technical name for this type of pulley so I can search for it more accurately?


  • Larry Weingarten
    Larry Weingarten Member Posts: 2,362
    edited September 2020
    Hi, There is a type of cleat that grabs the rope. It has angled ridges inside that tighten as you pull. If you use that cleat qnd the double pully, it makes hoisting the kayak easy and secure. That’s how I do it for my kayak ;)

    Yours, Larry

    Ps, you could search sailing pulley block. Cam cleat.
  • mattmia2
    mattmia2 Member Posts: 4,289
    Mcmaster-carr or a good hardware store will have all the pieces you need.
  • icy78
    icy78 Member Posts: 397
    Google "snatch block"